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"The theory of computation has traditionally been studied almost entirely in the abstract, as a topic in pure mathematics. This is to miss the point of it. Computers are physical objects, and computations are physical processes. What computers can or cannot compute is determined by the laws of physics alone, and not by pure mathematics."
"Using current mathematics and technology, it is impossible to even consider factoring a 1024-bit number. I'm not willing to make any hard predictions about tomorrow."
"Mathematics is not a book confined within a cover and bound between brazen clasps, whose contents it needs only patience to ransack; it is not a mine, whose treasures may take long to reduce into possession, but which fill only a limited number of veins and lodes; it is not a soil, whose fertility can be exhausted by the yield of successive harvests; it is not a continent or an ocean, whose area can be mapped out and its contour defined: it is limitless as that space which it finds too narrow for its aspirations; its possibilities are as infinite as the worlds which are forever crowding in and multiplying upon the astronomer's gaze."
"One cool thing about mathematics is they (the audience) don't have to be able to understand math to see the passion that makes it so exciting to them."
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"When they go to Liz Claiborne and find out that you have to study mathematics (and) you have to know computer technology, that changes what you think you'll take next year in school."
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"a lot of thinking, mathematics and talk."
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"There are no creeds in mathematics."
"The object of pure physics is the unfolding of the laws of the intelligible world; the object of pure mathematics that of unfolding the laws of human intelligence."
"Mathematics alone make us feel the limits of our intelligence. For we can always suppose in the case of an experiment that it is inexplicable because we don't happen to have all the data. In mathematics we have all the data and yet we don't understand. We always come back to the contemplation of our human wretchedness. What force is in relation to our will, the impenetrable opacity of mathematics is in relation to our intelligence."
"Real mathematics is rhetorical in nature."
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"[The researchers actually reanalyzed old data, using more sophisticated mathematics that took into account that there might be a lot of some species and very little of others.] In previous analyses, researchers did not account for differences in species abundance, ... As a result, they dramatically undercounted."
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"I was on the mathematics faculty at M.I.T. from 1951 through until I resigned in the spring of 1959."
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"To those who ask what the infinitely small quantity in mathematics is, we answer that it is actually zero. Hence there are not so many mysteries hidden in this concept as they are usually believed to be."
"The most painful thing about mathematics is how far away you are from being able to use it after you have learned it."
"Well, I was always... I used to get 100% in physics and chemistry and mathematics (well, maybe a couple of points off in mathematics), and that was in high school."
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"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."
"It is amusing to discover, in the twentieth century, that the quarrels between two lovers, two mathematicians, two nations, two economic systems, usually assumed insoluble in a finite period should exhibit one mechanism, the semantic mechanism of identification -- the discovery of which makes universal agreement possible, in mathematics and in life."
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"In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them."
"University President: Why is it that you physicists always require so much expensive equipment? Now the Department of Mathematics requires nothing but money for paper, pencils, and erasers...and the Department of Philosophy is better still. It doesn't even ask for erasers."
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