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"This is going to be a for-real campaign for the first time in anyone's memory and the stakes are high."
Author: Cercone Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"Do your work for six years; but in the seventh, go into solitude or among strangers, so that the memory of your friends does not hinder you from being what you have become."
"An ashen memory in its stead."
Author: Whittier Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"We have already seen customers taking advantage of what this offers. Customers are always screaming out for more memory."
Author: King Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"Memory is the mother of all wisdom"
Author: Aeschylus Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"We are a people who do not want to keep much of the past in our heads. It is considered unhealthy in America to remember mistakes, neurotic to think about them, psychotic to dwell on them."
Author: Hellman Quotes Category: Memory Quotes American Dramatist Quotes
"For the record, he can tell you he actually has no memory of the accident whatsoever."
Author: Schaefer Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"The market has been clamoring for more memory-per-system."
Author: Lee Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"I don't recall having, in recent memory, anything remotely resembling this kind of an event where the need is to bring back a group of people dispersed by a calamity. It signifies not only a healing for their symphony and what they've worked for. It also represents the larger community of New Orleans musicians. That's exactly what people there are wanting to do. They want to put their community back together. And that community needs to heal with what the arts can give the heart and soul."
Author: O'Connor Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"My earliest memory is shouting. At what and for what reason, I don't know. Probably a tantrum; or I may have been rehearsing. I was always an early starter."
Author: Kilmister Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"At issue is the source code that is located on the memory card."
Author: Kerns Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"Memory Speaks!"
Author: Pericles Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"One ought to have a good memory when he has told a lie."
Author: Corneille Quotes Category: Memory Quotes French Dramatist Quotes
"It's amazing how a traumatic memory can remain very much alive. It doesn't behave like a regular memory. The memory doesn't decay."
Author: Brunet Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"We plan 33 percent replacements, and ... there will be some that need memory or BIOS."
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"We have to have a short memory and be able to come back ready to play (today). We have to learn from our mistakes, and hopefully we'll get it fixed."
Author: Steinbecker Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"The best memory is probably the bronze medal game and winning the bronze medal. Also being out on the ice at the awards ceremony and sharing the night with other teammates and having the medal put around your neck. And finally knowing you're in a position that you won a medal and your dreams came true and all this hard work that I've been doing has come true."
Author: King Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"Memory plays a very powerful role in how we see and interpret the world, even in situations where we are completely unaware of the events that gave rise to these memories."
Author: Jacoby Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"It was interesting to see that Bail Organa only ordered for C-3PO's memory to be wiped, ... That says a lot about Artoo and how much he knows in the later episodes. After all, Artoo is my favorite character. He's a cheeky upstart but saves the day so many times. He's courageous, takes a right battering but never complains, just gets on with it. You can bet he's a blast to party with and the one the girls all love."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"It's a sense of flooding the brain too quickly. The brain has this disruption, and the short-term memory isn't converting into long-term memory."
Author: Hamilton Quotes Category: Memory Quotes

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