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"He's delighted with it, ... And indeed, I think that for him, this really came from the heart, this piece. So to have it represented well to the movie-going audience was quite a pleasure for him."
"If all the right people say, 'Go here', then of course they get a huge audience, but that audience has no loyalty, and they are quickly out-cooled by someone else."
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"Manny's Filipino audience loves to watch him, but I wanted it to be more private so we could better work on going to the body and the other things we need to work on. Velazquez is somebody we definitely can't take lightly. Everybody's talking about Morales and the rematch, but there won't be a rematch without winning this fight. We've been working on a little bit of everything to make Manny more of a complete fighter."
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"quite a wild ride. It was great to be with the play as it progressed, and to see all the different flavors of audience that you got."
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"There are lots of different ways to make film. I don't believe there has to be any orthodox way to making movies, or any rules. It's what works for the filmmaker, and, theoretically, the audience."
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"We also give ourselves room if the audience isn't quite to our forecast. Until all the details come in, we won't know with certainty, but at this point it looks like we'll make our audience commitments."
"An audience really gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of today's most compelling blues artists doing what he loves to do best. It will be a pretty special show."
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"I frequently feel when I listen to him and to many other elected officials that they are speaking to an audience not in the room."
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"We've been keeping close to home for a long time, ... We're excited with this next phase, bringing it to a wider audience."
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"The audience is there, and it's stronger than ever. It's what we live on, it's our bread and butter. But we have started to re-emphasize the brand in a major way."
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"As Intel architecture moves into these new spaces two things will happen. The first is that we get to re-energize the PC category. It's already great, but this ability to have digital and entertainment content interfacing with the PC will give it a burst of adrenaline. The second thing is that the category you [developers in the audience] can develop for can be expanded to the areas of digital televisions, digital recorders, set top boxes."
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"This agreement is key to fulfilling our commitment to realize the potential of AOL's very large online audience. As digital technologies continue to drive industries together, the great value and opportunity inherent in Time Warner's structure and array of premier businesses becomes increasingly clear."
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"We wanted an undergraduate course text based on current research; one that suited the way in which we teach our second-year designated essay course in Canadian sport history; and one that would be very readable to a general audience. We wanted to go beyond the chronicling of sports' events for the die-hard sport fan; instead, we wanted to show how sport was woven into the fabric of Canadian culture and shaped by social forces such as gender, class, and race."
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"Coconut Grove helped us get the rights. The play moved me and seemed perfect for our audience. It felt like it was in the stars for me to do."
"When we played fast songs, the mosh pit went so crazy. The audience was like lawn mowers."
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"There is a feeling of Elizabethan, and there's a feeling of timelessness. My desire is to make the past present, that it speaks to us today. A feeling of ancient ancestors who court and woo each other, so that it's kind of transparent and the audience can enter into this."
"The acquisition of Radio 830 KMXE provides a new opportunity to bring play-by-play commentary and Angels game coverage to a large audience of Hispanic Major League Baseball fans. Once the transaction is complete the station's sports broadcast line-up will be expanded to a bilingual format, providing Hispanic sports enthusiasts with access to exciting regional, national and international sporting events. It will also provide an opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience with a buying power of more than $105 billion."
"There was a very loyal and passionate audience that unfortunately never did grow."
"Choosing Raymond for their debut show was like a Broadway production opening in the Catskills it was a chance to try things out on an audience perceived as not very discerning or sophisticated."
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"The speaker packages are hanging on scaffolding and pointed right at the audience. It's not necessarily louder, just much clearer to the patron."
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