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"I think the way (Weis) thinks in so many ways. He's rough and tough and doesn't hold back words ... he tells it like it is. I like straight-shooters. And with it comes our aggressive approach on defense. I think I'm a good fit and happy to be here."
Author: Minter Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn."
Author: Southey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
". . . early morning does not mince words . . ."
Author: Galsworthy Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'."
"The fact is that if he shifts his stance on the IRA's arsenal -- if he accepts any form of words but no actual IRA hardware -- then he'll be gone as Ulster Unionist leader within two weeks,"
Author: Weir Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"It is just beyond words how everyone felt to have our 30 year reunion in California, much less on a television show. It just leaves you in awe to see how everything is done."
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"He raised the gun up and pointed directly in my face. We exchanged some more words and he pointed it back down at the ground and fired another shot."
Author: White Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I don't mince words. I speak bluntly, and I'll continue to do that."
Author: Lanier Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"He means more to me than I can even speak about. I can't even put into words how he changed my life. He changed my life with the way he represents himself to his kids and to his family. He's a role model for the way I approach my kids and my family."
Author: Tripplett Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I can't put it into words. ... It's as disappointing as I could possibly feel. There were a lot of Ranger fans here tonight. It's tough, but you have to expect that.... It's too bad we couldn't silence them in the third period."
Author: DiPietro Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"It kind of helps to get them on track. It's not like they just spoke these words and somebody said, 'Oh, that's great,' and then let it go. If they said they're going to do something, I honor that and I hold them accountable for it."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"It is with words as with sunbeams - the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn"
Author: Southey Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"First they start with name calling and personal attacks and now they have resorted to twisting the words and images of Ronald Reagan."
Author: Thacker Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Even if the committee carried the message in the exact words with no words missing, but left out the persuasion of gesture, the supplicating tone, and the beseeching looks which inform the words and give them life, where then were the power of the arguments and whom would it convince?"
Author: Arc Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"She's tough beyond words. She has a brilliant stick. It's one of the greatest sticks you'll ever see. But she also has great height and is strong physically. She's as graceful on her feet as any player you'll see."
Author: Callanan Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"The governor has the bully pulpit. It would be good for her to even have some encouraging words for the Winchester workers and state publicly that she would welcome a new business partner to the state. March 31 is when the plant will close, but that doesn't mean that's the end of the story. We're still working hard to find a new operator."
Author: Harrity Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"That's a good thing. I read a lot. Reading's important so you could get smarter and learn more words that you didn't know before."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"Words, like glasses, obscure everything which they do not make clear."
Author: Joubert Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"We believe we've already seen regional extinctions of corals—in other words, a shrinking of the area where corals can now survive in Florida and elsewhere—as a result of nutrient inputs through various forms of pollution."
Author: Lapointe Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"I'm overwhelmed. Words can't describe."
Author: Marshall Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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