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"Lack of money is not an _b_ _ _ _ _ _;lack of an idea is an obstacle!"
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"President Bouteflika's effort to wipe the slate clean is an affront to long standing civil society efforts to bring justice and accountability, ... Leaving the legacy of Algeria's abhorrent conflict unresolved creates an obstacle to lasting peace and, by de facto offering immunity to those responsible for grave crimes, raises the specter of future human rights abuses."
"the main obstacle to the peace efforts. Whether it's too late for him to turn around, I don't want to say."
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"The problem with foreign debt emerges as the most serious obstacle. We are indebted in billions of dollars,"
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"The reforms should recognize that employer prejudice is a key obstacle in the way of many claimants moving back to work."
"They're more than dangerous. They're very good. They have some tremendous pieces. To play an additional game is one more obstacle, but they're very capable of winning the tournament."
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"We were just on point. We were slicing through every obstacle that came our way."
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"[Among these players, fierce competitiveness is a given. But rather than being an obstacle to closeness, it can be the glue, as long as it's mixed with admiration, humor and good chemistry.] Everybody always wants to win, but it's never a problem among the people who make you feel like you did when you were all kids just playing a game, ... There can be no room for jealousy if there is true friendship."

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