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"Men get opinions as boys learn to spell by reiteration chiefly."
Author: Browning Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away."
"The only sin that we never forgive in each other is a difference in opinion."
"Whenever, therefore, people are deceived and form opinions wide of the truth, it is clear that the error has slid into their minds through the medium of certain resemblances to that truth."
"The history of human opinion is scarcely anything more than the history of human errors."
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Stay at home in your mind. Don't recite other people's opinions. I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."
"Men are disturbed not by things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen."
Author: Epictetus Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"If you must tell me your opinions, tell me what you believe in. I have plenty of doubts of my own."
"Things are not to be judged good or bad merely because the public think so."
Author: Tacitus Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion."
Author: Madonna Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes Celebrity Quotes
"People are going to form their opinions. The only thing I can do is stress that it wasn't intentional, wasn't premeditated and I hope he gets back soon."
Author: Orpik Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"People who don't know me have opinions about me. That's the part that's very hurtful. Because how do you form an opinion about somebody if you've never met them or spent any time with them? So it's all based upon hearsay or things that they've read."
"Right now, this record, everybody's thrilled about it. Everybody wants to make their opinions about it, and it's all good. I'm happy with it. Make your opinions. I'm going to go out there and play ball and just kick butt."
Author: Bonds Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"I'm not sure how you term insulting, but it will be interesting to get your opinions on it later on when you hear out exactly what he said."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"We're going to continue to let them express their opinions in a peaceful manner. If it becomes a situation where they block traffic, we're going to have to get police involved."
Author: Deason Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"We're going to continue to let them express their opinions in a peaceful manner."
Author: Deason Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"The opinions I've read show a circuit-court judge who recognizes what all the lower-court judges recognize, which is that they can't overrule the Supreme Court,"
Author: LaRue Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"This is just the first step in the process. Lots of folks will be voicing their opinions."
Author: Neubauer Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Professors are not supposed to be dealing in opinions."
Author: Horowitz Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"understands that there are many opinions on this issue and he respects those opinions. However, after long thought, he has made his decision based on principle and believes it holds great promise in helping many people."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes

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