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"Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you. They're too busy worrying over what you are thinking about them."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Opinions are the cheapest commodities in the world."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"The deadliest contagion is majority opinion."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"I watched the last couple days. It was good hockey. A lot of guys have their opinions about who should be on the team and who shouldn't. I have mine, some other guys have theirs. I get paid here, and I know what I have to do. I know I can do a lot more in the last 23 games, and it's time for me to play better."
Author: Tanguay Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"That does a significant amount of damage to you. People have such negative opinions of politicians. They always assume politicians are guilty."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Rehnquist was a jurist who truly understood the role of the court. He did not let personal opinions cloud his interpretation of the Constitution. His opinions were grounded in the idea that he is to interpret the law, not create it."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"There are quite a few people taking advantage of making their opinions known. Let's see how many people we can get to take this survey, so the ISVs will pay attention and start porting their products to Linux."
Author: Morris Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"To try and change opinion by law is worse than futile."
Author: Buckle Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Three Spaniards, four opinions"
Author: Proverb Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"People will in a great degree, and not without reason, form their opinion of you by that they have of your friends, as, says the"
"Wisdom is keeping a sense of fallibility of all our views and opinions."
"I've never been influenced by their opinions anyway but now we are talking tennis and they didn't know anything [on tennis journalists]."
Author: Henman Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"Make sure you have a different opinion and people will talk about you"
Author: Proverb Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"[Stars owner Tom Hicks said the owners are solidly behind Bettman, and he does not expect many differing opinions at the meeting in New York.] There are economic differences between the teams, so I'm sure some teams want to get playing because they're losing money by not playing, ... But I anticipate we will come out of this with a total resolve to fix the system, and we'll press forward in trying to accomplish that goal."
Author: Hicks Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"My play was a complete success. The audience was a failure."
Author: Brilliant Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"People who knew Troy outside the locker room knew he had very firm opinions on how the game should be played, ... I got to see that side of Troy."
Author: Goren Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes
"A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world."
"I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect."
"He would listen to others' opinions, but I always thought I had to stay on firm ground because he might challenge me."
Author: Tarr Quotes Category: Opinions Quotes

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