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229 Australian Musician quotes:

"So many groups fail because they spend all their time in the clubs. Work pours in and they can't handle it because of late-night drinking."
"The most important thing about recovery is to pass the message on."
"They don't bother too much with the balance and things on blues records."
"Tiny Tim? Anyone could sing like that. It's atrocious. It's hideous, really."
"We don't mind being ripped apart, but don't rip the songs apart. They're like our kids."
"We expected to have a good time with Clive Davis 'cause I've always liked him, his shows. I've sort of followed his career a bit 'cause he had a lot of that on PBS over here."
"We recorded this song about six years ago in Australia. It didn't do a bloody thing then, and I don't think this version will do anything today."
"We were in the Green Room watching Elvis Costello, and I thought it was pretty good. He still is not that bad. But we were told he was a huge fan."
"We worked for 11 years to get where we are today, and I want to take our work seriously so that later on I'll be able to appreciate the money we've made."
"When Andy died, I just drank to dumb my mind."
"When we write, we complement each other. We wrote six songs, Barry and I, while Robin was ill during the American tour, and they were terrible until Robin came back, and then everything worked out."
"I don't think of things globally myself, but I kind of would like to think of things where they are tangible and here. Then I can grasp that concept."
"I feel like this is a bit strange being in here, though. I am a happy person, generally. I like a laugh. Don't I seem to be a happy person?"
"I would go and see loads of films all in one go and they'd start to merge together. It was a bit sad, really. I'd have to see it again."
"That's what it's about, how society changes people but people can also change society. It only takes a few people to do things and help themselves instead of sitting around on their asses. She has a very global outlook on life and all sorts of things."
"When I go to a film, you're taking it easy and you let things wash over you. That's what cinema's all about. You get involved in a world that's being created in front of you."
"Actually, I find it embarrassing being a pop star. I prefer it when people just treat me like anybody else, although occasionally there is a side of me, which is indulgent and I expect certain things because of my position. It's one of the perks."
"But then, you know, I'm very happy, I've got to this stage in my life and I'm not dead. I haven't got married and divorced and done all that palimony business, you know all that mess."
"But we got up there and decided to stick to this mix of power chords and funk and that's where it really started for us. In having the courage to take that decision. To take a gamble not just with our music but our lives."
"Every actor I know wants to be a pop star."

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