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"All opportunity to tackle is about the way we finish to the ball. We show up, everyone always chasing the ball. We want to be in position where our hips are down, our knees are down. We tag off on the ball (at the ball carrier.) That's how we practice tackling."
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"I believe there's an opportunity to do the morally correct thing,"
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"I was very impressed with him. If he ever gets the opportunity to play in the big leagues, I feel he would do a great job at that level."
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"I think both of us appreciate more now than we did the first time around the opportunity we have to be a part of this league. To be in my 13th year and still have a chance to go out and compete is certainly something I don't take for granted. I think Bill's kind of in the same boat. He really enjoys being around the players and enjoys the process of getting ready for games. That part has changed a little as well."
"It depends on what cell lines are made available. I am for anything that broadens the opportunity for scientists to conduct research on stem cells. But the devil is in the details."
"You can never have enough preparedness. This is a great opportunity to have someone come in and give us some training and enlightenment on certain safety issues."
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"It's an opportunity to take stock of where we are, but also again we'd hoped it would have been an opportunity to make some tough decisions on at the least the framework for discussions going forward."
"This particular camp is probably more beneficial than most because Roger has had the opportunity to acclimate himself to the deliveries of each of these pitchers, to put a face to an arm. He's been watching DVDs and looking at statistics. Now he can humanize these guys. So it's probably been more beneficial than any camp we've had in 16 years, from that standpoint."
"Ney would welcome the opportunity to clear his name. … He is confident that has done nothing wrong and that he will ultimately cleared."
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"This is an exciting opportunity that we believe is strategically compelling...."
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"It was a game I wanted to win so badly and we had the opportunity to win."
"I think we had an opportunity to get a couple more points on the board, but I was really happy at halftime. I think we did a nice job of coming out early in the first quarter and getting points on the board. That's not an easy task against those guys."
"I wanted to play Felix but didn't have an opportunity. I didn't feel the time was right."
"I honestly don't know where it's going, if anywhere, but we'll see. If he wants an opportunity to keep playing and stay in shape while he serves [his suspension], we could offer him that. We still think he has a passion for the game. I mean, he's a hunting dog, and when it's time to play football, he's going to want something to chase."
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"We just can't get comfortable with the stability of the situation for this particular opportunity. So we're going to officially wave you off for 24 hours."
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"Big 12 teams have been part of the bowl since its inception and we very much appreciate the continued opportunity to have a presence in Houston."
"We know we have the opportunity here. It doesn't come around all the time. We just have to seize the moment, seize the opportunity."
"When you have the opportunity to win a game for your team and the game is on the line and you don't come through, you feel like you let your team down. And to now get a chance to somewhat redeem myself and come back and help us win a tough game that we needed is important."
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"I think it's a great opportunity for this part of the state and specifically for our area. Congressman Blunt has always paid a lot of attention to us in this corner of the district and I think it's fantastic we have the No. 2 man in Congress representing us."
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"That's our plan. We're already behind the 8-ball, but we have to do it some time, ... This opportunity came up, and if the sponsorship comes together in the next two weeks, then we'll be able to go."

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