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Parents Quotes

404 Parents quotes:

"I'm blessed to be with my parents. If anything, I thank the people who brought me into this world for putting me into the position I'm in."
Author: Randle Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"[His parents, Kenny and Becky Jones,] loved him and are going to miss him, ... They are very proud of what he was doing, proud he died doing something he believed in as much as he did."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"We want to encourage parents to be calm. We want to assure them that the students are safe."
"It's very helpful if parents have some sort of calendar that is large enough and is posted in a prominent place. In one color you have written when the science fair project is due. And then you backtrack from that date breaking down that science fair project into manageable chunks of time. Great big projects tend to scare kids."
Author: Bavaria Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"A child may have drowned in a lake, but the parents may have been high."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"The parents are the key."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"What I like are some of the reactions you get from parents. They're (yelling), 'I got you!' and jumping up and down."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Parents are clueless. They have no idea you can ask out, just like they have no idea they can view their (child's) tests. I know you're going to see a lot more opt-outs for the elementary grade levels."
Author: Sampson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"At the first parents' meeting I'll ask if there is anything I should know about a child. And I'll hear a parent say their daughter is very shy. But usually within a week or so they come out of their shell and they are right up there with the rest of the girls. I think it is because they know they aren't by themselves and they are part of the team. It really feels fantastic for us to see that happen with these girls."
Author: Stearns Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"So many parents were asking us for this. We were just responding to what they wanted."
Author: Bavaria Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"By looking at the tape, you can't make any conclusions that there was obvious lewdness, but you might have parents and others say that some actions might have been inappropriate."
Author: Cannon Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Its easier for outsiders to be hard-nosed with the former parents of these companies. They're simply less bound by the fairly long, shared history."
Author: Casesa Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Lots of people keep telling (the Sentinels) that they're very good. The parents say it, teammates say it, a few players from the other team have said it. We don't want the attitude that people will walk off the field against us."
Author: Lynch Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"We're here to tell parents they are not alone. Research tells us there are some straightforward steps parents can take — not only to help prevent drug use but to reduce risk-taking across the board. We think parents and caregivers will find the information on how to monitor their kids practical and useful in their everyday lives."
Author: Walters Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It was a little weird. My parents and everybody is here, so I'm glad I pitched well or I'd be in a bad mood right now."
Author: Mulder Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There has been an increase in underage arrests. They don't want parents called because they don't know they're in Juarez."
Author: Bartoletti Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My parents were very close in everything they did."
Author: Maxwell Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"For our team, it was we should really just go out and play to make our parents proud, so to speak."
Author: Hasselbeck Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Parents play a big role and they don't want their child to come into an unstable situation and unstable program."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"The parents will say to me 'I just want them to know they're okay'."
Author: Palefsky Quotes Category: Parents Quotes

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