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Parents Quotes

404 Parents quotes:

"We are delighted that AAA and Parents magazine has recognized three of our vehicles to this important list. Chrysler Group is committed to providing vehicles to our customers that are safe, innovative, fun-to-drive and deliver superior value."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Having the program here on a weekend is a way for parents, who may not be able to get to the fairs, to have their children's information available in case it is needed. I was very pleased to see not only moms, but dads as well. I think the children really enjoyed it. This was a very good learning experience and will help us plan for next year."
Author: Campione Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There would be many more injections added to the recommended schedule and parents would defer having immunizations appropriately,"
Author: Carlo Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There would be many more injections added to the recommended schedule and parents would defer having immunizations appropriately."
Author: Carlo Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Am I (going) straight? I haven't driven in three years. My parents won't let me,"
Author: Owens Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It is my understanding that the parents did not want the police to become involved so we honored their wishes."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Thirteen years and six albums to get here, ... I'd like to thank my parents for always stressing, be an individual. And I stand here tonight and represent nothing but music."
Author: Lynne Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It's frustrating for parents, it's frustrating for the principals, and it's frustrating for teachers who have to stay late to monitor kids (who also get picked up late after school). It's a difficult situation all around."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"I had to move myself in because my parents were on vacation. It was hectic, but now I'm fine Å  ready for school to start."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My wife, my children's initials and my parents' initials."
Author: Greenberg Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"If my parents had discouraged me, I would have turned out very differently. They raised me in an open-minded, liberal environment."
"Parents are very angry ... they're trying to make a point."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It's a lot easier now for our parents to follow our schedule. They know that we are always together with our names listed in the same box score."
Author: McClelland Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Today's accent may be on youth, but the stress is still on the parents."
"The mentally handicapped (female), according to her parents, has the mental capacity of an 18-month-old,"
Author: Scott Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"PS 152's parents, teachers and students have spent many years raising tens of thousands of dollars for a school computer room - only now to see that dream callously erased by the defendant, who allegedly used the association's funds as her own private piggy bank, ... Her alleged conduct is a betrayal of the trust of the parents who elected her to serve as their leader."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"His parents always opened their doors to us."
Author: Walsh Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Sometimes parents have issues that can be challenging for the umpire, I'll just leave it at that."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My parents have been very brave about my being here, and I remember after the 11th thinking for sure they were going to say, 'Come home, come home.' Instead, my father gave me a speech about how important it was for me to be brave and stay in New York and keep working. That inspired me quite a bit."
Author: Fey Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"I don't think any child could really be happy between five and eight away from their parents."
Author: Louise Quotes Category: Parents Quotes

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