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Parents Quotes

404 Parents quotes:

"With the increasing use of vulgarity during major award shows and even the Super Bowl half-time show, parents are becoming increasingly outraged."
Author: Akin Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Having opportunities like this one at the Science Center to educate both students and parents about hydrogen and hybrid technologies is an important part of the effort to gain acceptance in the marketplace and bring future technologies that will conserve natural resources to the public. We welcome the people of Detroit to this wonderful event with its great insights into the future of energy and transportation."
Author: Lowery Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"How do you get parents to pay for their child to come study in a city that was so badly damaged?"
Author: Frohnmayer Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My parents must have had tough decisions to make, but I was never called on to bear witness to their anxiety. To some people that might sound like repression, but I think repression can be a positive value."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My parents live 16 miles out on a dirt road and another mile on a different road. How the heck did they find the way out there? These guys are like the post office. Rain, snow, hail, they're there."
Author: Hays Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"You never want a situation where someone has a veto power, ... But having parents at the front end, serving on an advisory committee ... can be extremely useful and actually insulate districts against attacks on books because parents have been involved."
Author: Mincberg Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Heredity is what sets the parents of a teenager wondering about each other."
"We feel like parents awaiting the return of a child who left us young and innocent, who now returns holding answers to the most profound questions of our solar system."
Author: Duxbury Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Parents just don't understand."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"We worry like any parents do."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It takes some good thought and work by the student and their parents to really figure out what you want to do. One of the things about health care is that you have to like working with people, both being with them and servicing them."
Author: Walence Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"I want the parents to come."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It's gonna be a difficult task a difficult road to go down, but once we start getting the parents involved and they see the benefits of how it's affecting their kids in a positive way, then it's gonna be more beneficial to them."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7."
Author: Beckham Quotes Category: Parents Quotes English Actor Quotes
"One of the things my parents taught me, and I'll always be grateful as a gift, is to not ever let anybody else define me; that for me to define myself . . . and I think that helped me a lot in assuming a leadership position."
Author: Mankiller Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"We're a product of our parents, whether we like it or not."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It's a very anxious time for parents and students."
Author: O'Cain Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"We have time for them to excel. Students here don't worry about peer pressure. Parents don't have to worry about what kind of stuff (the pupils) are going to hear or see. The moral character here is high."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"When parents call and ask, 'What was it that my son or daughter didn't have to get in?', I try to give them a snapshot of the admissions process."
Author: O'Cain Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There was no way I was going to send him to Comstock. The thing a lot of parents are concerned about in Santa Rosa is gang activity at school."
Author: Simpson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes

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