Patience Quotes

249 Patience quotes:

"If you are tempted to lose patience with your fellowman; stop and think how patient God has been with you."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius."
"The catalyst here is going to be patience. We're in a bear market."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"One minute of patience, ten years of peace"
Author: proverb Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"It was one of the things that we emphasized, patience. Just working the ball around, moving the ball ..We knew that Somers was going to come in and try and scramble and put a lot of ball pressure on us."
"We'll need to use our speed and tackle well defensively, ... We must have patience on offense. With McNeal, we'll have to play it tight to the vest. We have to contain him. The rush will be crucial."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Dios tarda pero no olvida -- God delays but doesn't forget."
"Our patience is running thin."
Author: Snowe Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"This exit of the settlers is the result of sacrifices of our people, the patience of our people ... and the wisdom of our people."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"The practice of patience toward one another, the overlooking of one another's defects, and the bearing of one another's burdens is the most elementary condition of all human and social activity in the family, in the professions, and in society."
"He didn't panic when things didn't come to him. What Chad has is a lot of patience."
Author: Carnazzo Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Patience and the passage of time do more than strength and fury."
Author: Fontaine Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown."
"Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength"
"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them -- every day begin the task anew -"
"Patience and putting, I think my putting is working very well today. To birdie the 3 par 3s out of 4 par 3s, I think it was a bonus for me. As you know, par 3 here is tough to play, especially with the wind."
Author: Mamat Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"You will conquer by patience."
Author: Motto Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."
Author: Edison Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."
Author: Plautus Quotes Category: Patience Quotes Roman Poet Quotes
"He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience."

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