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"People of quality know everything without ever having learned anything."
Author: Moliere Quotes Category: People Quotes French Playwright Quotes
"I think we gained a little respect with how we played. People thought we were a bunch of ragamuffins before the game."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: People Quotes
"There are incentives, but in the U.S. -- with 85 percent of people subscribing to paid TV services -- it's hard to see direct over-the-air TV service having much impact in the future."
Author: Kishore Quotes Category: People Quotes
"I am always interested in why young people become writers, and from talking with many I have concluded that most do not want to be writers working eight and ten hours a day and accomplishing little; they want to have been writers, garnering the rewards of having completed a best-seller. They aspire to the rewards of writing but not to the travail."
"People eat what they believe to be sweet, but it turns out to be bitter in taste. They attach their affections to brothers and friends, uselessly engrossed in corruption. They vanish without a moment's delay; without God's Name, they are stunned and amazed."
Author: Sahib Quotes Category: People Quotes
"That might sound like a lot, but people should realize it doesn't go very far."
Author: Worthy Quotes Category: People Quotes
"It's just about all 11 people getting on the same page in the same book. It comes with time. The defense can be very good."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: People Quotes
"If I play my cards right, I could bring network wrestling back to TV. Unfortunately, to most people, wrestling is a laughingstock. But fortunately, I'm reaching people who otherwise wouldn't watch it."
"It's an odd collection of programs, but they are really united by advocacy for vulnerable people."
Author: Worthy Quotes Category: People Quotes
"It puts dangerous people back on the streets in exchange for dubious testimony."
Author: Bean Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Mrs. Clinton now has a record which should energize some people."
Author: Lazio Quotes Category: People Quotes
"A cruise on the big new ships is primarily what people want to buy. People are clearly voting with their wallets. We would be very happy to operate smaller ships if they could generate greater profitability than the big ships, but they don't."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: People Quotes
"We think they're very good at protecting people in a crash."
Author: Adler Quotes Category: People Quotes
"According to the reports we have gathered, mostly from the refugees, it appears that around 10,000 people have been killed in more than 100 massacres. The final toll may be much worse,"
Author: Hoon Quotes Category: People Quotes
"To make conditions for ... international security forces in Kosovo, to create security for the people, and to return the people to Kosovo, is the major objective for us now, for me personally and for the people of Kosovo,"
Author: Rugova Quotes Category: People Quotes
"And it seems to have hit a chord in the hearts and minds of people who see it, who feel that it has some relevance in the world."
Author: Moresco Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Where it came from I don't know. But if people are trying to unsettle me personally and the team all together through the newspapers, it won't work. We'll be looking into this article in particular and taking it from there."
Author: Warne Quotes Category: People Quotes
"I think all our people get along, ... And I think at times, like I said, when you're not doing as well as you'd like to be doing, it tends to create tension and finger-pointing. I don't think it's anything out of the usual."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: People Quotes
"We want to bring it back so that the people can enjoy what the Mississippi Gulf Coast used to give people in the past. And we know it's gonna take a long time for it to come back, but it takes one step at a time and we're trying to give them one of their first steps."
Author: Beckham Quotes Category: People Quotes
"No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers."

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