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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"That was a performance tonight against the other best big on the West Coast."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I think everybody will be primed for a good performance. And I guess I'd rather have experienced players who've been there and done that than a whole host of players who haven't. I'd rather be in our shoes than their shoes."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"This was an awesome defensive performance by the Chokers. (Big Bend) has a high-profile offense and we marked up their scorers. They didn't score. The kids' effort was great and they bought into the game plan."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"(Hill's performance) was the best point production by an individual in the conference championships in a long time."
Author: Silver Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Olivia Mauro did a really nice job coming in as relief and containing them. That's the kind of performance we're looking for from our pitching staff."
Author: King Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"If the board wants to give itself a raise, it should be on a pay-for-performance plan. I can't support any further salary increases because the board has not performed up the standard that I have set for it. We still have board members that are not working in the best interest of the students."
"We played very well this week, and it was a good team performance. But I'm not sure if the West Indies played as well as they can. We probably expected a little bit more."
"If he had a similar performance, he'd have to assess the situation again."
Author: Thomas Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Do you want performance level one or performance level two,"
"His skiing performance has been some of the best skiing that he's done all season. I've been quite happy with what I've seen on the slopes and in the gym."
"We have to ask questions about ourselves after this performance,"
Author: Robson Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"A lot of the Nasdaq stocks had a tremendous performance last year and may have gotten ahead of themselves in the early part of this year."
"[He declined to divulge his views on the performance of the International Monetary Fund, saying that is a topic of ongoing discussion with Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.] I don't think it's appropriate for me to discuss what we're discussing, ... When we are ready to pronounce something, you will hear an announcement."
"Do I want to play at my level of performance or do I want to be satisfied with something else? I want to be able to play the way I was when I left off."
Author: Bonds Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I'm very happy with the result but not very happy with the performance. We tried to attack and to press the Scottish team but we couldn't get the goals,"
Author: Lippi Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Another dominant performance on a tough course."
"I'm happy with the result but not the performance. We tried everything. We pressed and pressed so congratulations to the Italian team. We tried many ways to attack but Scotland played well."
Author: Lippi Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I think the rest of the players perhaps owe him an apology for the performance because he was terrific and he deserved to have a better team in front of him. I think I made myself clear [in the dressing room] about what the standards are at this level, what we expect from them. They can't ever let that happen again."
Author: Pardew Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Dealers should not necessarily assume that vendors' performance has fallen just because overall satisfaction slipped. I would assume that the expectation has risen."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I'm very happy with my performance today. I putted very well today. That's probably my lowest score round here."
Author: Mamat Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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