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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"The band as an entity has evolved and matured with their stage performance and song writing. I couldn't be more proud of the individual members and the band. Each has accomplished so much with their instruments. I love what they are doing right now and I think they are great at it. I catch myself being a fan sometimes."
"We are very pleased with tonight's performance. Although vault and bars weren't the best we've done this season, I was very happy with the way they rebounded on beam and floor. I think the girls may have been looking ahead to next week's rematch with Alabama and not really concentrating on the performances needed to defeat Illinois-Chicago."
"There's no game tonight if Flats is not sharp. You have to be honest with the performance he put together here. Wade Flaherty was the difference. I've challenged him a little bit lately and he responded like a real pro."
"Our approach is clearly working, as the numbers show. We have substantially improved our financial performance despite dramatic increases in fuel costs over the last 12 months. And United has one of the best operating records in the industry -- in on-time departures, baggage handling, fewest customer complaints and other areas helping us to outpace the industry in unit revenue."
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"There are no excuses for a performance like that. I think they just thought it was going to get done and somebody else was going to do it. Unfortunately, the person who did it was the entire Cal team. Nobody from Oregon stepped up today."
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"He didn't close the way he would have liked, but it was a strong performance. He's disappointed, but all these guys are pretty resilient. They get over it pretty quick."
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"With our solution, Alcoa has achieved even higher levels of production performance, ... We are honored to work with Alcoa and other leading manufacturers to deliver bottom-line results year-over-year."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I was real pleased with his (Larson) performance."
Author: Nida Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The introduction of several programs designed to review systems and program performance has resulted in efficiencies and cost-saving efforts."
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"I'm proud of Bryan Ball's performance. I thought he really competed. He gave us seven innings, so it was a quality start for him."
"We have built new cars and improved on the performance of our engines, and we still seem to be lacking somewhere, ... We need answers on how to get better so we decided to put someone else in the car to get feedback from his perspective and go from there."
"Our fixed cost structure remains a barrier to acceptable financial performance,"
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"When you look at their scores by quarters, their fourth-quarter performance is really something. That tells you that they are going to play right to the end."
"This performance today reminded me a lot of last year's team when we had five guys playing well most of the time. Plus, with this kind of consistency, if one guy is struggling, the other four will be there to pick him up."
"It was a very poor performance by our team, ... We fumbled the opening kickoff, had a punt returned against us for a touchdown, a kickoff returned, an interception when we were knocking on the goal line. It's beyond belief that we would play that poorly."
"Our bench performance was outstanding today."
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"It was just a classic All-American performance, in terms of her aggressiveness and her willingness to take her team on her back and get the job done."
"It feels good to go out and give a good performance, ... Our team did a good job scoring for me."
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"As it turns out, these crashes are not exploitable but are instead Windows performance issues that could cause some WMF applications to unexpectedly exit. These issues do not allow an attacker to run code or crash the operating system. They may cause the WMF application to crash, in which case the user may restart the application and resume activity."
"This is a strong first half performance. We have invested in our brands and built our market positions."
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