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"PROGNOSIS for Web Applications continues our precise performance monitoring tradition. We count thirty-five percent of all Global 1000 companies amongst our 600-plus existing customers. This product will appeal to these companies as well as the many enterprises whose web applications are now critical to the business and require proven real-time monitoring and alerting technology."
"Albert's performance was something we should see from Albert every week. Sometimes he does it, and sometimes he doesn't. If he wants to be that Pro Bowl player, to get across the border as we say it, you have to turn in consistent performances week in and week out,"
"They enjoy what they're doing. But they're not a real excitable bunch, to the point where it affects their performance."
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"They got a great performance out of Arroyo. He was very sharp and stayed on the attack. Ben was good tonight but Arroyo matched him pitch for pitch."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"They got a fine performance out of Bronson Arroyo, and that was the difference."
Author: Yost Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"probably . . . the best performance of any of the federal agencies in all of this."
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"When the audience and the performers become one, it is almost nearly divine, where this oneness can actually meet in some, not physical place, but in some spiritual place, in the middle, not the performers performing, not the audience receiving, but all of a sudden that contact is made and it becomes wonderful."
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"Lou came down to perform there, part of his military tour."
"We've already failed one challenge. Not so much on the scoreboard, but the way we performed that day."
"We're hungry and we're confident. Walking down the streets right now I can stop four kids and ask them, 'Do you want to win?' and, yeah, they'll want to win. But they don't know how to win. The Cal girls wanted to win big, but they didn't put in the work. Now they are putting in the work. Our confidence is up, and it's all about one word now-preparation."
"Thank God for Chris. This, for me, was the only real-world performance. I can actually imagine you having a hit with this record. . . . Best tonight by a mile."
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