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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"You have your structure, but within it, it gets fuller and you can highlight other parts of the performance."
Author: Tomei Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"To say we're unhappy with the performance of the team is a gross understatement."
Author: Gilman Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The performance of dividend-paying stocks has more to do with the fundamentals in their industries."
"I don't think [the performance of the pitchers] is much of a shock. We have a good staff and I think our coaches and teammates almost expected it of us."
Author: Dennis Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The biggest push behind this is to continue with our strong on-time performance, and boarding times can greatly affect that. This new policy will greatly improve our ability to depart on time."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Some manufacturers will specify performance and some will even [detail] vibration characteristics, but only in rare cases will they specify the electronic components that will be used to implement those specifications. They do the 'paper job,' and rely on suppliers for nitty-gritty details."
Author: Morgan Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Our financial performance continues to be quite disappointing,"
"It's a performance we can build on. You look at 21 to five turnovers, that's still our Achilles' heel. That's why we struggled, and the rebounding, that's why we had a chance."
"Obviously, that's the very worst performance we've had shooting all year."
"I was very pleased with Jonathan's performance. He has had to wait patiently this season as we have a big squad but he has shown a great attitude and he certainly took his chance today."
Author: Owens Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"However, it was agreed that any further consideration of these alternatives needed to be informed by the performance of the non-food brands through the all-important Christmas period and the balance of the 2003 financial year,"
"She gave us a tremendous, gutsy performance in being extremely sore and not being able to pick one arm up."
"It's time the technology industry took a stand -- tripling your datacenter performance shouldn't mean tripling your power bill and needing more coal-fired power plants,"
"It was a workmanlike performance but I'm very pleased."
"the worst performance I've ever seen from a group."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We want to be in it not for the results but to better our performance as we go on and we'll be putting in our best 11 every week in the competition."
"It was another tough performance on the road. Stony Brook jumped out early and we couldn't execute."
"That was probably our best offensive performance of the year."
Author: Bliss Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Dorn settled in after the first three innings and gave an excellent pitching performance. He had good command of the strike zone and got better as the game went along."
Author: Wells Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Russell, I think, it was a better performance than what he has ever given."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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