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Performance Quotes

731 Performance quotes:

"It was a great start. I think we feel like we exorcised the demons from our lackluster performance against St. Clair."
"Intel's Pentium III processor operating at 1 GHz is the highest performance microprocessor for PCs, enabling Intel's customers to ship the fastest personal computers in the world,"
"It's very difficult to do an honest appraisal of a lot of people's personal and professional performance without demeaning them, and to do it fairly and in hindsight."
"We gave a below par performance."
Author: Gall Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We just need a good performance. Nine shutout innings would be nice."
Author: Garner Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Seeing a mixed performance year come on the heels of another difficult year in 2004, a record number of funds felt the pressure or succumbed to the fate of poor performance."
"We have to be, and we will be, a performance-based series. You have to perform. You know what, the drivers ... don't want to limp in on a fan vote. They want to earn their way in or not earn their way in."
Author: France Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Tech will have the worst performance of any S&P sector in 2001 with operating earnings per share plunging 73 percent. But next year (2002) we believe tech earnings will snap back strongly."
"I think this week's performance has been very indicative of a bottom. The market made a lot of sense this week, since the Fed really helped to ensure the positive psychology that is needed to maintain consumer and investor confidence."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Of this projected deficit, 21 billion rand originates from the poor performance of the trade account."
Author: Kelder Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"It?s just a matter of arithmetic, ... Five officers is what we need to maintain a high level of performance. This is not a time to be going down in our ability to provide services."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Vince's performance was the best today that I've ever seen him,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Whoever performs well in the domestic championships will be eligible for selection. The performance of India 'A' players will also be taken into account."
Author: More Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"The extraordinary financial performance of conventional homebuilders in this economic cycle leads us to believe that there is a strong possibility that their stocks could be poised for record-breaking valuations,"
Author: Horan Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"I think we did a great performance, we are skating really strong and we'll keep going like that because we know it's the right way."
"You have to factor so many issues in -- qualifications, performance in the hearings, who they're replacing."
Author: Chafee Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"There's no player that we respect more than Isaac, both for his performance on the field and for his work in the community. We just kind of ran out of time."
"The program is totally performance-based."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"(It) is not a bad performance but it is not spectacular."
"Our offer is the most valuable and the most straightforward, ... Our record of performance is significantly better than Royal Bank's."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: Performance Quotes

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