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"I've been planning this one for 33 years and now I really don't know what to say."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Thinking well to be wise: planning well, wiser: doing well wisest and best of all."
Author: Forbes Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"There are a couple that we don't know who the owners are. (The planning and zoning administrator) will deal with those."
Author: Green Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"You never know with him. He?s a great coach - very smart, very good at game planning - and we know there is going to be something we haven?t seen. There will be some things that we probably have seen, but there will be something we haven?t, and hopefully we can react to it in the right way."
Author: Plummer Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"It will be interesting this year. We might look at it as a great rebuilding year, planning for the next two years."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We had a good time last semester and are planning even more for the fall."
Author: Quinn Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"As we move into our strongest selling season of the year, we're planning to continue leveraging our beyond-the-box business model and distribution strategy to meet our goal of delivering consistent earnings results, better- than-industry growth rates and a more diverse and profitable revenue stream."
Author: Todd Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Strategic planning will help you fully uncover your available options, set priorities for them, and define the methods to achieve them."
Author: Mckain Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Emotionally, this was a big victory for us. We're planning on seeing Academy at least two more times this season and probably three."
"The next important date is May 10, when the planning application comes before Cardiff City Council's planning committee."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Although it is clear the Bank is planning to keep rates on hold for now, our view is the MPC is still too optimistic on growth."
Author: Shaw Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"They are all planning very cautiously, very carefully. Some companies have very decent inventory controls, but however good those controls are they still have to do some economic forecasting, and forecasting is a little difficult this time around. Nobody is going to spring for big orders until there's evidence that consumer demand is back, and there is no such evidence to date."
Author: Barnard Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"They are girding for the uncapped year. They're planning for it. It's getting to the point where the two sides are so entrenched that getting a deal will be very difficult."
Author: Ganis Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"The entire campus is involved with the planning and preparations for this event, not just us; it goes from the office and staff in recruiting and admissions, all the way to the ground workers."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"What we are planning on is to incorporate the program with the teachers we already have."
Author: Roberts Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We're planning big things. It will be as competitive as any casino anywhere."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"We made a lot of planning during the early period and now we are in a more demanding stage of implementing the plans. We need more talents and assistance to help us accomplish the whole work."
Author: Xiaoyu Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"This (CIP planning) process starts again in March. Submissions for the next 10 years have to be in (this month). In April, May, we begin the process all over again."
Author: Stone Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Ideally, early in the planning stages, before reporters and photographers are assigned to a story, we like to be involved at that point, to make sure the content gathering keeps our needs in mind. If we don't find out about it until the night before, we're often not able to produce an interactive graphic."
Author: Thomassie Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Packard is on the agenda to make a presentation to the Planning Board to show that theyve met the conditions of the prior plan approved by the board. We anticipate some limited public comment but do not anticipate this as a full hearing. We will only consider if the conditions are met."
Author: Weaver Quotes Category: Planning Quotes

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