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"It's only because of her willingness to cooperate with police before anyone else that we came down from the presumptive 12 years to 10 years on the sentence."
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"That (call) will generate a letter signed by the head of the Highway Police and lieutenant of the Arkansas State Police. It's kind of a warning letter. It's to help raise awareness of the littering problem."
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"I had police officers, fireman and building inspectors come to my booth at the National Hurricane Conference and they thought it was phenomenal."
Author: Belanger Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state."
"I am concerned about what I see happening to our police department and other services that are being cut. This shouldn't be happening to our employees. We should show some concern for these people."
Author: McCarthy Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"Every case must be evaluated on its merits but the phenomenon of unjustifiable police homicides is something that is recurring at an alarming level."
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"Following the incident, the Police Commissioner will be required to report to the Attorney-General on the reason for invoking the authorisation, the extraordinary powers used, how they were used and the result of the use of the powers, ... The Attorney-General will then be required to report to the Parliament."
Author: Rann Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"I believe Amanda would have testified exactly like she told the police seven times -- this was an accident and how it happened. So I wasn't concerned about that."
Author: Justice Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The police were here 60 seconds after they attempted to break in."
Author: Hart Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The police did a marvelous job. So did (ring announcer) Michael Buffer. He kept everybody calm. He told everyone to stay in their seats and that everything was under control."
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"The police are finding more and more excuses to inhibit, prohibit demonstrations, build pens that you can't even see over to put demonstrators in,"
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"I promise you a police car on every sidewalk."
Author: Berry Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The police response was excellent and the bomb squad was here in 12 minutes. It was an unfortunate situation but it ran smoothly. The students were very mature and excellent in terms of their cooperation."
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"The police are finding more and more excuses to inhibit, prohibit demonstrations, build pens that you can't even see over to put demonstrators in."
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"I was horrified at the evidence I have been shown of the severity of the attacks on police officers,"
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"At one time my only wish was to be a police official. It seemed to me to be an occupation for my sleepless intriguing mind. I had the idea that there, among criminals, were people to fight: clever, vigorous, crafty fellows. Later I realized that it was good that I did not become one, for most police cases involve misery and wretchedness -- not crimes and scandals."
Author: Kierkegaard Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"Police in Washington D.C. are now using cameras to catch drivers who go through red lights. Many congressmen this week opposed the use of the red light cameras incorrectly assuming they were being used for surveillance at local brothels."
"Carlos [ Bernard , Tony] is your guy. He had two police officers arrest Mia Kirshner [then playing Mandy] for allegedly smoking marijuana outside her dressing room. And as they went to take her away, Carlos got into a fight with the officers about [how they really should be] protecting the city."
Author: Sutherland Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"If three fully uniformed police officers show up at your door and knock, I guess I don't know what else you're supposed to do,"
Author: Perkins Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"It's a very dangerous public safety issue, and it's not fair to the police officers."
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