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"The county board and the finance committee realized this was an important issue. Adding an assistant just made it happen."
Author: Schmidt Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Ian is recognized as a leader in bringing together IT, finance and operations professionals to address critical Performance Management challenges including governance, process improvement and information technology. His proven sales leadership skills will help us achieve our revenue goals as we invest in the expansion of our research and services teams."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I only make movies to finance my fishing'."
Author: Marvin Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Mr. Martin, whose role as finance minister did not involve him in the supervision of spending by the PMO or (Public Works) is entitled, like other ministers in the Quebec caucus, to be exonerated from any blame for carelessness or misconduct."
Author: Gomery Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Finance sites are attractive to advertisers as they tend to represent a pretty good demographic. It of course depends on the quality of the site, but it stands to reason that people who spend time reading about money and stocks, et cetera, probably have some money to invest."
Author: McAndrews Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Invoice on some cars is a great price. But if you are not negotiating a very good finance price or a good price on your trade-in, it may be a terrible deal."
Author: McCready Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The finance minister agreed that the public sector units cannot be allowed to bleed further."
Author: Minister Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We are ready to finance every trip back home."
Author: Sarkozy Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We want to ask the departments of corrections and finance to explain their rationale in continuing to push for a project that continues to break the bank and doesn't make any fiscal sense,"
Author: Nation Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The Law of Triviality... briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved."
Author: Parkinson Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We are fully aware that the movement of finance is now globally subject to many inspections. I don't think the world can allow the entry of this type of money."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Whatever problems we have in our ministry, we have raised. Chidambaram was very kind and considerate. The Finance Ministry did agree to some of the points that we raised. So, we are discussing them again."
Author: Deora Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"These loans will help finance economic revitalization in areas that have experienced trade-related job losses attributable to NAFTA. NAFTA has been a net plus for the nation's economy, and the Clinton/Gore Administration's free trade policies have been a big contributor to our nation's economic prosperity."
Author: Alvarez Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I applaud Malaysia's leadership in ratifying this important convention, which creates an international legal framework that will help attract finance to the aviation industry."
Author: Bisignani Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The world must help us, and the world must help us finance city management,"
Author: Costa Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I would attach a reasonably high probability that there will be a problem in the housing or finance markets that will test the next Fed chairman."
Author: Zandi Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I'm heartened to know that our partners are doing their bit to keep the home mortgage finance pipeline opened so we can accelerate the recovery in . . . these devastated communities,"
Author: Jackson Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We are now working with the Federal Property Ministry, Finance Ministry, and the government apparatus. I think our proposals will be ready in April."
Author: Kostin Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The central bank has not responded yet to the pressure but the Ministry of Finance will continue pressing the bank to do something. Speculation the bank will try to keep yields lower is spreading."
Author: Bandou Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"They can buy whatever brand they want. We will supply the finance."
Author: Wright Quotes Category: Finance Quotes

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