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"[Translation: The GOP brass will have to embrace McCain's number one issue -- campaign finance reform -- if he's going to throw his weight behind Bush.] There are a bunch of little reform measures percolating in Congress right now, ... At least some of those will need to pass if we're going to see the McCain and Bush camps unify."
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"The law doesn't provide remotely enough to finance affordable decent coverage."
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"The president supported the campaign finance legislation and signed it into law because he believes it helped improve the system, and I think today's court ruling will help bring some clarity to the process. Our counsel's office will be reviewing this rather lengthy decision."
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"We got in, rolled up our sleeves. Now the finance department can add and subtract. The law department can write a contract. The building department can issue a permit do an inspection. City Hall works for our citizens,"
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"We have a lot of priorities that would come before campaign finance reform, but we do respect the leadership that John McCain has offered in this area, ... Face the Nation."
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"Traders are marking time ahead of the G7 finance ministers meeting on Friday. I think there is still a significant amount of event risk and that is tending to temper the dollar's movement,"
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"At this point, I think most people are just delving back to his time as the provincial finance minister, and focusing on the tax-cut angle, which I think in the long run would be perceived in a fairly positive fashion."
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"We had a discussion of what we at this historic time could as European Union finance ministers do to improve that process in peace and development,"
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"We want an active role, and we'll remain involved as the years roll by. We will finance the project for the next 15 to 20 years."
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"After overcoming every obstacle that the leadership could possibly construct, the House will vote on real campaign finance reform,"
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"Once you start crossing and clouding the lines between campaign finance and lobbying reform, you're sending mixed messages and going to get a bill that's probably not going to pass, or going to be so weighed down with things that it will be too complicated."
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"Six or eight years ago most people in the world couldn't access housing finance. That's no longer the case today and it's due to growth in India, China and other places like Ireland."
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"A lot of people oppose using tax dollars to finance a stadium because they live too far or have no interest in the sport. But if it can be demonstrated that the public has a potential use of a facility, then elected officials at every level would have a much better case for justifying public participation."
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"The finance sector has really emerged as my favorite here, edging out technology by a bit. I recommend that people have about a quarter of their stock holdings in finance."
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"Finance and economic research has hit a wall. We can't answer any more questions by running another regression analysis. Now, we need to get inside the brain to understand why people make decisions."
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"It's going to be a long process to get (the finance center) back up and running again. We are prepared to operate elsewhere for the first couple of months."
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"When it comes to finances, remember that there are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin."
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"As long as people are raising private money in big numbers to finance expensive campaigns, you're going to have big contributors who have special interests controlling the outcome, whether it's video poker or the hog farmers or tobacco companies or the trial lawyers."
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"I've never cared whether a picture makes money or not. Now I care, because it's all about whether they'll finance the next one. And we've got to start making better pictures in Hollywood."
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"I think ministers of finance should not comment on interest rates."
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