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Principles Quotes

87 Principles quotes:

"There were things that we did were taught because of the biblical principles."
Author: Dollar Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"Our strategic dialogue with China can both protect American interests and uphold our principles, provided we are honest about our differences on human rights and other issues and provided we use a mix of targeted incentives and sanctions to narrow these differences."
Author: Albright Quotes Category: Principles Quotes American Statesman Quotes
"We're going to stay with what got us here. We're going with the basic principles of defend, rebound and run, and making sure our kids are not mentally and physically fatigued. This is the time of the year where kids are tired. You have to keep them focused."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"If one sticks too rigidly to one's principles, one would hardly see anybody."
"I have been true to the principles of nonviolence, developing a stronger and stronger aversion to the ideologies of both the far right and the far left and a deeper sense of rage and sorrow over the suffering they continue to produce all over the wor"
Author: Baez Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"Readers did not always agree with his [Cook's] views but admire him for standing up for his principles - which they find a rare quality among politicians."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"It doesn't look like any real animal, but all of the principles are there."
Author: Full Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"If one is an optimist, one might be very hopeful that the principles (on how to resolve the nuclear issue) would be agreed upon at the very next round of talks,"
Author: Leach Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"[The chorus contains a statement of the principles behind the bomb, why it's practical and what it can accomplish.] It doesn't exactly say how to build a nuclear weapon, ... but it is a précis of the science involved."
Author: Sellars Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"It is a simple model, although realistic enough to capture the principles of locomotion. First, you have a stick figure model, with a bunch of segments joined by joints. Then you assign weights to those segments and compute the physics of the posture. When the foot is joined to the ground, you can compute the forces."
"Our purpose is simply to ask how theological principles can be shown to have usable secular analogues that throw light upon the nature of language."
Author: Burke Quotes Category: Principles Quotes American Philosopher Quotes
"I'm prepared to win and I'm prepared to lose, but I'm not prepared to sell out my principles,"
Author: Rogan Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"This is a serious violation of the purpose and principles of the U.N. Charter, an infringement of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and an interference in China's internal affairs,"
Author: Quan Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"You can't live principals you can't understand."
Author: Covey Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"All the principles of sceptics, stoics, atheists, etc., are true. But their conclusions are false, because the opposite principles are also true."
Author: Pascal Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"I know after the game our guys were limping. They were a physical team and their principles are still the same. They still get a lot of second- and third-chance opportunities. We can't let that happen."
Author: Tucker Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them."
Author: Adler Quotes Category: Principles Quotes Austrian Psychologist Quotes
"They receive them based on their quality systems, which means that they would have shown strict adherence to certain principles over a period of time."
Author: Brooks Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"All faiths are inter-related and mutually indebted to each other for the principles they teach, and the disciplines they recommended. "
Author: Baba Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"He used to be a lawyer. It's a different set of guiding principles at work there. Personally, I wouldn't want to run into any of these guys at the big convention after I said something bad about them."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Principles Quotes

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