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"Men use thought only as authority for their injustice, and employ speech only to conceal their thoughts"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"Put two or three men in positions of conflicting authority. This will force them to work at loggerheads, allowing you to be the ultimate arbiter."
"The wisest have the most authority"
Author: Plato Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The faith that stands on authority is not faith."
"The fact that he [Fitzgerald] asked for authority that he probably already had, but wanted spelled out, makes it arguable that he had run into something rather quickly,"
Author: Plato Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The Commission should be welcomed for acknowledging a problem with their food safety authority, but it needs to go further."
Author: Bebb Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"They think they can destroy my authority and credibility with the people, their trust in me,"
"Congress has given us the authority to set safety standards. We're merely restating our authority. We're the agency that sets standards. Our standards are not minimum standards."
Author: Tyson Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"It is therefore high time that we learned from past mistakes and used our considerable moral authority on the question of nuclear disarmament for the greater good of international peace and stability, rather than simply protecting at any cost an increasingly dangerous actor on the international stage."
Author: Gibson Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The company did not conduct a thorough explosion hazard analysis, did not ensure that a maintenance supervisor with the authority to override safety systems understood the potential dangers involved in the process, and did not have adequate engineering controls in place to prevent an explosion."
Author: McClure Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"They can't chain my spirit! My spirit runs free! Walls can't contain it! Laws can't restrain it! Authority has no power over it!"
"I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it."
"[Conservative Party leader Michael Howard immediately called for Blair to resign, telling reporters that] this has so diminished his authority. ... increasingly seen as a lame duck, and lack conviction, credibility and the persuasion that a prime minister needs."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"reestablish a certain sense of local authority and policing without involving the remnants of the regime or the torturers who once plagued the lives of ordinary Iraqis."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We're eager to work with Congress on legislation that would further codify the president's authority. We remain committed to our principle, that we will not do anything that undermines the program's capabilities or the president's authority."
Author: Perino Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"However, in the event of a disaster when minutes count, we have the authority to do what it takes to move quickly."
Author: Andrews Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"ABC News has the authority to go to news when it's something this important, ... We're very pleased we had this option where sports, in this case the Little League World Series, could move to ESPN and fans could see the conclusion."
Author: Mandel Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"begin restructuring the [Palestinian] Authority with the principal focus on security and ending terror and violence."
Author: Powell Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The moral authority of the United States depends on its working effectively with other countries to advance human rights protection ? not blocking a consensus proposal that makes so much progress for human rights. The current resolution can be made to work if the United States joins with other democracies to establish the new council and make it function effectively."
Author: Roth Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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