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"All the same passions and problems are there. But the problems are in a more muted style. I'm still the show-off in the group that gets all the attention. Everyone has their role. It's pretty much the way it was in high school."
Author: Pop Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"He played too well. I also had some problems with my knee. But tomorrow it's going to be a different game."
Author: Andreev Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"[The scores show] fewer students have serious academic problems, ... More are achieving all the standards."
Author: Mills Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The southerly is going to cause us a lot of problems in the next few hours ... we are expecting some very erratic weather conditions and it is actually going to make the firefighters' job even harder."
Author: Talbert Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I wish I could say there would be no problems, but I can't guarantee it."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The New Orleans calamity proved overwhelmingly the government's inability to solve chronic, fundamental problems with communications. No one in the government has shown leadership on this issue, and now the results are tragic."
Author: Hundt Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"You like problems like this, where the severest attack is the least likely, and the most likely attack is the least severe."
Author: Oelrich Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"My sleeping patterns were very disrupted through spasms and twitching and bladder problems. They were the main areas which I was concerned about which were causing problems,"
Author: Payne Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Of course there are all kinds of problems in the first year [after the signing of the CPA]. It is an incredibly complicated environment; probably more complicated than any other."
Author: Diwan Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"He has become a symbol of our inability to solve the problems in the Balkans. We would like to get rid of him but at the same time we are not willing to take the kind of military and other measures it probably would take to get rid of him."
Author: Daalder Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Until Indiana shows me they've solved their chemistry problems, you have to go with a team that doesn't argue, that gets the job done at the end of the day. Any little thing can set Indiana off."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"It's actually a refreshing acknowledgment by the Air Force that it had real problems that needed to be corrected, ... It's a good step forward."
"The sense of paralysis proceeds not so much out of the mammoth size of the problem but out of the puniness of the purpose."
"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."
Author: Ford Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We will be checking all stadiums at the beginning of next year, and within a period which we will stipulate, all these problems will have to be solved."
Author: Blatter Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"The solution of every problem is another problem"
Author: Goethe Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"We're hoping this will clear up most of the problems. The distance to the existing tower is too far. We've got a lot of radio dead spots that this should fix."
Author: Leonard Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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