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"I am actually more excited about this congressional race and I am more excited about this election than any I have participated in."
Author: Berry Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Teague said that he's coming after me in the goal-scoring race. He told me he only has 30 more to go, so he's catching up."
Author: DeLorenzo Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I came up here for my first Formula Atlantic race in October of 1974 and watched that car win the race, and I thought, 'Man, there is nothing better than that,' ... I dreamed that when I got to Formula One I could drive a car like that."
Author: Rahal Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We're looking forward to our first races to get going. We want to see where we're at with one race under our belt and where we need to make improvements. We have some big races this season and we need to be ready."
Author: Catloth Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Every kid has a bike, and every kid wants to race. So you just put the two together,"
Author: Bishop Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think the open-wheel racing definitely taught us to race clean."
Author: Newman Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"This promises well for Carlos' chances in the rest of the race. We had a feeling he'd be in top shape after finishing well in the Tour and later having the time to prepare himself and spend time with his family without being troubled by injuries, illness or stressful contract negotiations. But just before a race starts you always get a little nervous anyway."
Author: Andersen Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle."
"It?s been a race for a few weeks in my opinion. But that doesn?t mean we have to lose just because we have lost so much ground or they have gained so much. I think it?s a combination of both."
Author: Konerko Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It may seem strange that we receive the reward of a race run while the race is still not quite finished."
Author: Trimble Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's just the same old deal, you go race your car,"
Author: Busch Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"There is no arms race in South Asia."
Author: Singh Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"isn't a matter of race."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I won my first race in Homestead, that was cool. My second win was in Daytona that was really cool. My third win was in Martinsville and I was so busted up I could hardly walk. This win in New Hampshire, that was hard! At the end Musgrave, Setzer and I raced side-by-side 2 and 3 wide and there is not a mark on my truck. When you go door handle to door handle with Musgrave, Hornaday and Setzer and come out on top you've done something."
Author: Crawford Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I am very happy about the result. I am twice on the podium now. It was a very tough race, a long course and very difficult to finish."
Author: Hosp Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"She should have 60kg. She's won every big race once, if not twice and look how close she is at the weights to Railings (54kg), who has only won a Metropolitan and a Caulfield Cup. I can't believe how well she's got in."
Author: Hawkes Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I'll leave that to the pundits. We'll wait and see if she gets in the race."
Author: Smar Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It was a great race today for all of us. The racing was really close and there were plenty of lead changes, so we all really enjoyed it."
Author: Cayard Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It really hasn't sunk in yet, ... To do it at this level, with this team, in this kind of race we're in. I'm just glad I could help this team. They gave me an opportunity. They had the faith to bring me up here."
Author: Small Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"They should go ahead and sell some tickets. They could have a race tomorrow."
Author: Yates Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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