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"When we go to Richmond [to race], hopefully we can do the same things we do in testing, and I can go out and practice and get the car running good instead of learning the track. That's what is going to help me out a lot, just learning the track."
Author: Lamar Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"The race is on to remove the snow before it melts and potentially refreezes as ice. This just keeps it all interesting."
Author: Wittenberg Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Bradford and Napier stepped up for us in the open race and had good performances."
Author: Shurtz Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Even if you're not in the race, you still have to jockey for position in the (WAC) tournament. So they still have a lot to play for. They'll be ready for us."
Author: Wallace Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Everybody's lined up at the starting line. Is the governor really going to shoot the gun and start the race? It's one thing to propose, it's another thing to sit every day across the table and actually negotiate a conclusion by deadline."
Author: Laird Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I think the conference race is already done. I think Wichita State is going to win the race. I think what everybody else is trying to do is to get the highest seed they can get for the tournament, or finish as the runner-up."
Author: Hinson Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"They absolutely ruined the race."
Author: Tauber Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I'm very disappointed as I felt very good coming into the race."
Author: Greene Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I nearly killed myself, but I did finish the race."
Author: Dunne Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We didn't decide to do this race until real late. Everybody on the No. 8 car and the No. 1 car chipped in and helped build this thing."
Author: Menard Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I wouldn't use this to generalize either by economic or race and ethnicity. This data is not consistent with lots of data we have on a national basis."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I was cramping and I just wanted to finish the race."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Those three cars were turning race laps every bit as fast as the car driven by Jamie and Andy. The fact they finished much lower is not related to the performance of their cars or driver abilities."
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"The coolest thing is when you come to a race ... when you come and see it live and you're there and you get the sound and you get the feel and then the smell,"
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"It's a good race to start with as it's not too demanding. The terrain isn't too difficult, very good to find the rhythm again."
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"I think my most memorable win was in 1979 when I won the SCCA National Championship at a race down in Atlanta, ... That was a very good race against tough competition."
Author: Newman Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"General Atomics has recognized that it's a rapidly evolving field, and the race is to the swift."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"He ran his race on the turf but he never finished up. Put him on the dirt and he's just a different animal. He's more on the ball."
Author: McKee Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"For most of the race (Murphy) was fourth or fifth. He broke out the last half-mile and passed three runners. Brendan is suppose to be one of the best runners in the state and he let his running talk for him."
Author: Sosa Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"George has had lot of success up there and he was tough all race long, but I was confident I could stay out front. I knew, with his experience, he'd race me clean."
Author: Bowen Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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