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"It is a tight race, ... We believe we're still ahead. Our numbers show that."
Author: Trippi Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"He might be one of the guys I can beat in a race."
Author: Konerko Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"First he is short and then he is tall. He is out of the race to fight C, and then he is in the race to fight C. He's got this Polish guy and a grill salesman in an expensive RV with him running around the state. None of those things by themselves are noteworthy, but you add them all together and you get this real strange picture."
Author: Straayer Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Brian Roe ran a great race. Then Said ran that first 800 in 1:55. He was hurting at the end but he did it."
Author: McDonnell Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"it's an ever-closing race."
Author: Nick Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"There are more important things than winning a race, ... Beth was having a great run, she'd really put it in her mind today to go out and win. She'd been running real well up to this point. Right now, I'm just worried about her."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"She's just come up this year. For me just having someone else there to race is just awesome. We could be going at this for another six years."
Author: Reimer Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"With more than 75 cars in two classes on the track for this Saturday's race, our drivers have to be selective about where they make their moves or risk giving up the leads we've built so far this season."
Author: Wasmer Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We're going to get in that horse race."
Author: Mangino Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's always a tricky race to call with the tactics, ... This race has been different every year. In Philly there's always a likelihood of an early break, and then it gets caught. It's pretty typical. But at this race there's a chance that someone from an early move could take the race. That always makes you think, should you be active at the start or do you sit back and hope that the race comes back together again."
Author: McCormack Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Up, up, you mighty race!/ You can accomplish/ what you will."
Author: Garvey Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"This (road trip) is one of the last chances for us to get in the playoff race. We need to wake up as soon as possible."
Author: Jaric Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Now we have to go and attack each race for a win. We have to go to Dover and expect to win and try and build our points back up."
Author: Busch Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"With about 40 laps to go, it's time to race and time to get after it and that's what I was doing. If I did something and aggravated Stewart, well, I'm sorry."
Author: Busch Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Of course before we race it's freezing, but as soon as you get on the line, you've got to get it out of your head. We knew that we'd basically go in anything besides thunder and lightning, but I didn't think it would be this bad today."
Author: Watts Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Tony five minutes after a race and Tony two hours after a race, like all the drivers, is two different things."
Author: Pemberton Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I don't think we could have lost and still been in (the district race), so it was crucial. We've had some crazy results this season, but I challenged some players and I think the whole team responded."
Author: Brands Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"...If Forbes gets out of the race this week, it will make McCain's hill a bit steeper to climb in South Carolina,"
Author: Galen Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"There's so much that has been before the human race, and just contemplating that and then the earliest forms of communication, hand claps, body slaps and then ultimately the drum, which was really the first way that man could imitate the first sound they heard: their mothers heartbeat."
Author: Savage Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Our goal for this race is to run a complete team race. We want to keep the spread between one and seven as close as possible and have the guys feed off each other's energy."
Author: Williamson Quotes Category: Race Quotes

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