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Research Quotes

301 Research quotes:

"Lost in a gloom of uninspired research."
"If we knew what we were doing it wouldn't be research."
Author: Einstein Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Because we now have a research group, and we are out there working with lots of universities and are able to continue to hire great people, I'm very optimistic about our future. But, it is a future full of change and surprise."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Hopefully, out of the research that gets funded here, we can have a flu vaccine that works against all forms, [an] approach that would save a lot of lives. Flu kills a lot of people in the world at large every year."
Author: Gates Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Just as the largest library, badly arranged, is not so useful as a very moderate one that is well arranged, so the greatest amount of knowledge, if not elaborated by our own thoughts, is worth much less than a far smaller volume that has been abundantly and repeatedly thought over."
"This new research confirms what the dummies have been telling us. The dummies say there is a big difference in how well cars protect you. What we see in this real-world data is the dummies don't lie."
Author: Lund Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"If you research, you'd see crypto has long been a bane of public swimming facilities. It's near the top of the list of problems any public type of pool should be concerned about. The outbreak can spread like wildfire. The size of this (outbreak) is amazing."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"They need to depend a lot more than on what a flier says. They need to do more research and get legal advice."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Operating some centrifuges is different from the enrichment, and we will continue the research work and never give in under pressures."
Author: Asefi Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"They were told they shouldn't be supporting the arts, they should be supporting science research."
Author: Hayden Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We attempted to do some research on who this organization was, but their flyer does not have any contact names or numbers, does not have a website, nothing that we have been able to locate."
Author: Boyd Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"The committee understood the critical importance of addressing allegations of research misconduct, which ranks among the most serious charges that can be brought against a faculty member."
Author: Hale Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"It shows that he talks to the coaches and does research, and that professionalism comes across on the air. I think Aaron has the potential to be a play-by-play guy on the large stage. He's dedicated to being the best announcer he can be."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"This will have a profound impact on stem-cell research. The opponents of the research will feel themselves to be vindicated."
Author: Zoloth Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"While further research is needed, our findings suggest that it may be beneficial to use erlotinib, a relatively non-toxic targeted agent, to initially treat patients with advanced lung cancer, rather than use conventional chemotherapy regimens."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Ms Tanaka said she understood the need for the United States to pursue this area, to conduct the research,"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Everybody thinks retail is the way to go, but our research shows there may be a better way to do things."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Research Quotes Retail Quotes
"Both sides have to do a certain amount of research. How much service do you have, what kind of resources will people need, getting themselves available for a job and those kind of things."
Author: Dawson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"The holy grail of our research is to convince those cells to regenerate, but now, we need to first understand what the composition of hair cells are and how they develop. We believe that a molecular understanding of the function of hair cells is needed to ultimately prevent hearing loss, and stimulate the regeneration of hair cells in mammals."
Author: Auer Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"[Previous research in Europe may provide the answer. Scientists made artificial comets of finely powdered organic materials and ice in a vacuum.] They always ended up with a rigid, crusty material, ... If you were standing on it you might go right through it."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: Research Quotes

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