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Research Quotes

301 Research quotes:

"Dell has had a very focused strategy: Don't spend a lot on research and development, leverage the work of others, and deliver cookie-cutter servers and desktops cheaply. That lined up well with the market when saving money was in. But IT managers have to consider more than price now in making buying decisions."
Author: Haff Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"This decrease calls out for more research."
Author: Schneider Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"The Union Pacific will research all the line titles and determine how best to use or dispose of the property."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I'd say it's a unique car. I've done a lot of research and don't really know much about them, but I think it's an interesting car."
Author: Richmond Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"This kind of research has not been done before at this kind of level in California."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"The features are definitely getting influenced by the boomers. Our research shows that two-thirds of baby boomers are going to keep working."
Author: Bessler Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"You have to do some research. You have to complete a description of the property, which can be quite detailed. And you have to create your statement of significance. You have to build a case for why the property is significant."
Author: Miles Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"There are many research reports that try to compare the number of vulnerabilities between Linux and other operating systems but none take into account the severity of the issues. ... This report shows there are relatively few critical issues affecting users of Linux-based operating systems. However, we believe even one is unsatisfactory, and our strategy is to rapidly respond to fix these issues whilst innovating new technology to reduce the risk of future issues."
Author: Cox Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Over the two years John was receiving the research and the data, we were actively engaged in a dialogue about the future of the league. I think what John brought to the table was the difference maker."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"There's really a very small amount of research going on now, but it is increasing and will continue to grow."
Author: Caplan Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Research in neglected diseases is happening and partnerships are working away on new products."
Author: Moran Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Investors piggyback off of competitors' research, ... but then get easily spooked when the stocks move against them."
Author: Chapman Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We want everyone to be aware of the breadth of research pertaining to the pork industry being done here at Iowa State. Faculty from the colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, Human Sciences and Veterinary Medicine are involved in doing research, and they work with our Extension folks on getting those results out to clients who need and want that information."
Author: Mabry Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Because we are using Master Well Owner volunteers trained through Cooperative Extension, we can do this research project for a greatly reduced cost. There has been much debate about the cause of high contamination rates among private water systems in the state."
Author: Swistock Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We have seen research that shows visitors appreciate the museum more if a value is assigned to the visit."
Author: Anderson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"This whole thing just kind of took us by surprise. We just need some more time to research it and decide what's best for us."
Author: Hart Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"It would be an obvious next step in this line of research to address the validity of this hypothesis in humans, and it is something we are currently working at. It would also be very interesting to see if these findings can be replicated in other studies,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I'm not sure that Registered Traveler should be a research program."
Author: Dempsey Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"What I like about the new framework is that it's based on research and best practices, ... The state has set a criteria, but it's not telling schools how to get there."
Author: Pearson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Based on this new research, if just one infected cow entered the U.S. feed supply and the brain and spinal cord of that animal were maximally dispersed in feed, it could potentially infect 45,000 other cows. That's why we have to be extremely vigilant about keeping any infected animal material out of feed and food."
Author: Hansen Quotes Category: Research Quotes

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