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"Some research scientists will be arrested and charged with a felony."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We scientists typically are good at doing our research, but we're not so good at communicating it to the public -- its relevance and why we should spend taxpayer dollars to fund it."
Author: Watson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Our dream and goal is to have a facility where top notch research can be done on our bench, not outside."
Author: Wolfe Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"They don't allow for a lot of research. If you have something too restrictive, they won't find what they're looking for."
Author: Bala Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We look for UC Merced's presence, its faculty, its research and its alumni to start an economic renaissance for the Valley."
Author: Parsky Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I used the physical deformity to a certain extent by conducting research into physical deformities, but I used a more internal thing. I think the physical deformity represented emotional deformities; things inside ourselves which don't allow us fully to be open to love or to be loved. It was more the effect of that deformity that I was focusing on, and it was more of an interior journey into my own dark spaces."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"There is just considerable and growing uncertainty surrounding GM and Ford Motor Co. (F.N: Quote , Profile , Research ), and that ripples through the industry."
Author: Novak Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"In technology, I think I would go with the big ones. I'd go with IBM ( IBM : Research , Estimates ). That would be my first pick in the technology area."
Author: Acampora Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I think there will be closer connections to some of the research institutions in this state."
Author: Still Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care."
Author: Bishop Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Since everyone was going to die, he could be of great value, right? ... He could be research. A human textbook. 'Study me in my slow and patient demise. Watch what happens to me. Learn with me.'"
Author: Albom Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We're trying to sustain the broad vision, high-risk and high-reward research model."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We can't expect unilateral disarmament, ... If Goldman works to get stricter federal policies, and if it disseminates its research to clients and policy makers, the issue may be rendered moot anyway."
Author: Claussen Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We can't expect unilateral disarmament. If Goldman works to get stricter federal policies, and if it disseminates its research to clients and policy makers, the issue may be rendered moot anyway."
Author: Claussen Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"With the successful implementation of the plans, CAS will become among the world's top five research bodies in terms of innovative research output by 2010 and in the world's top three by 2020."
Author: Yongxiang Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"If somebody spends 10 hours a week for five weeks to do research, it's worth it."
Author: Beitler Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"With research, the informed buyer is going to be able to say, 'The item is worth about this,"
Author: Varian Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"[Todd Campbell, president of Watchdog Research, an independent research firm, is one.] Never underestimate the mania of the market, ... It's absolutely possible."
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"Stem cell research is one of the greatest opportunities to improve the human condition. California will be America's leader in stem cell research, which will not only benefit the tremendous need of people suffering from debilitating diseases and conditions, but will also help the California economy immeasurably."
Author: Broad Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"These rules are the most restrictive of any rules we know about in the world of biomedical research, ... The rules as you see them today are extremely stringent. With the ban on consulting for paid activities, I think Congress should be very fully reassured we've addressed the fundamental issue of public trust in the integrity of the science."
Author: Zerhouni Quotes Category: Research Quotes

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