Responsibility Quotes

433 Responsibility quotes:

"It's our responsibility to put the park back the way it was when we arrived, if not better."
"I think we can say this is an absolutely wonderful thing that the jury takes their job and responsibility as seriously as the lawyers and police did in this case."
"A man carries his success or his failure with him, it does not depend on outside conditions."
"We can, we will do more. But CBS stands alone as the No. 1 network aware of its responsibility in this area."
"We do have a responsibility,"
"Stick with us through the year. We do feel very much a responsibility not to give short shrift to the abuses of polygamy."
"The care and defence of our cultural and artistic heritage isn't only the state's responsibility. It is every Italian's, ... Italians must care for the great art they have around them today or it may not be there for future generations."
"FAA has to shoulder the responsibility,"
"The company's responsibility to the families was to tell them what we knew, not what we didn't know or what we believed."
"If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it. If we can't take responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim."
"I think the (brawl) made the league and the players more conscious of our responsibility to the public."
"You have a responsibility of what you look like."
"I think I have to get them better prepared for the next game. I'm the coach, I'll take full responsibility."
"We're counting on him to assume a role of responsibility late in the game."
"This sale is a long way from closing. We have a responsibility to run the South St. Paul market profitably up until we do close the market."
"We could not get going against Liverpool and we take collective responsibility for that."
"take on more responsibility."
"I felt a responsibility to all other newsletter publishers."
"It depends on a threshold question: What are you going to rebuild? What is the federal responsibility for rebuilding a city, a metropolitan area or a region? This is where it gets really confused. Federalism is a messy business."
"When they were preparing for trial, prosecutors had a responsibility to ask [Agent Stewart] -- 'you didn't write the first report, you didn't sign off on it -- were you there?'"

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