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433 Responsibility quotes:

"There are claims of responsibility. They're really, quite frankly, hard to verify. I wouldn't be able to tell you that we know who's responsible at this point."
"It is part of our responsibility to make sure that our product is being used efficiently by our customers. That certainly is one of our challenges."
"We believe it's our responsibility to prevent that from happening."
"I caught the ball. It was strike three. He was out?. It's not my fault. I take no responsibility for that whatsoever."
"Clearly, he was wrong to have that relationship in the first place, ... right to take full responsibility."
"I feel as though as I brought him to N.C. State. And taking on that responsibility, I felt as though I should also be there with him throughout N.C. State."
"They are willing to assume that responsibility and do it fairly."
"I kind of realized early on I was playing him. That was a big responsibility for me."
"We are not seeking any monetary damages. All we want is the ATP to assume responsibility they should have before and change the rules back and protect the game of doubles."
"But if you look beyond his fuzzy math, the comptroller appears to be making a call for fiscal responsibility and that's a positive. He should take this message directly to those who need to hear it _ the Legislature. We're hopeful that during the coming weeks and months the comptroller will urge legislators not to squander the surplus and not to go on an irresponsible election-year spending binge that would damage New York's finances for years to come."
"There's an overwhelming amount of responsibility. You can do things here that you couldn't do in a hospital. We are capable of bringing the emergency room right to where we land."
"I want to win, but there's the grind. There's so much responsibility for a catcher...My arm feels good. My legs will be all right. How long will I go on? How long can I go on? How long for I want to go on playing baseball? Is this what it's like to be thirty?"
"There is no basis for attributing blame or responsibility for the maladministration of the Sponsorship Program to any other Minister of the Chrétien Cabinet, ... since they, like all Members of Parliament, were not informed of the initiatives authorized by [former Chrétien chief of staff Jean Pelletier]."
"[Parcells said he challenged the players before the game, saying it was their responsibility to take what they have learned from the coaches in meetings and apply it onto the field.] I told them, ... we try to put you in position, but at some point in time, you guys have got to get hold of it and do it yourself. I told them that if you are ever going to be any good, a coach has to be able to turn the game over to you... today is the day when you guys need to do that."
"Typically, we do not have fences on our property. Usually, responsibility for maintenance of these fences is that of the property owner."
"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors"
"I have a responsibility to protect my team and I thought it wasn't taken care of during the game."
"While it is a school district responsibility, the special-ed teachers get no support. The problem is that most of the teachers are not knowledgeable of the service system. And the teachers are not given time to learn the service system."
"If a child lives less than two miles, the parent has the responsibility to get that child to school. A school bus is just something people consider an easy solution."
"Like all alliances, this relationship must and is, in fact, evolving to remain strong and relevant, ... It's our joint responsibility to manage the alliance's evolution, and we are getting that job done."

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