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Rest Quotes

670 Rest quotes:

"We were due for a rest, pulling back after five, six days of run-up."
Author: Finnerty Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Yes, the market is taking somewhat of a rest, but there's evidence that the believability factor is increasing. Overall, investors are starting to believe the market can and will remain in good standing coming off of one of the best quarters we've seen in a while."
Author: Belski Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Every two or three hours she wakes up crying and wants to eat. I've got one night's rest. It was tough to leave, but my mom is there and her mom is there. My wife was teary-eyed when I left, knowing I was going to be gone."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The rest of the Blue Merle team is standing behind Lucas. In a less formal way, we're looking after the other guys as long as they're still doing musical stuff, but another few months down the line it'll probably be just Lucas who's left."
Author: Reed Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The rest of this week, for this part of Massachusetts and central Massachusetts is going to get really busy, sugaring-wise."
Author: Burns Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"At a certain point I realized that it would be better to make this collection available to the rest of the world rather than to keep it under a mattress."
Author: Kovner Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Absentee voters used to be a unique demographic group. Now they're more likely to look like the rest of the state with each passing election."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"It's been a big whirlwind and not too much rest."
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"A little of what you call frippery is very necessary towards looking like the rest of the world"
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Shipments come in from the west coast that are sent directly to the Midwest and then distributed throughout the rest of the country."
Author: Lavin Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"[So the Potters gave it a rest. Until last spring, that is, when they noticed that Ken Bacher was now spearheading the Dalai Lama's redux.] That's when I finally decided to take this issue public, ... As a result, we've been shunned by our friends. But this has been eating at me for 12 years."
Author: Potter Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The plays she makes, that's what motivates me. I can't speak for the rest of my team, but I catch myself running down the court over and over just shaking my head and laughing, the things she does."
Author: Rush Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Basically it's individual stocks outperforming the rest of the market, ... The feeling that the Fed is not going to raise is infiltrating the whole marketplace and what we're now looking at is future earnings, but we're still in that rotation mode."
Author: Cardillo Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Shaun's been a notch above the field for sure. He's been a notch above all the rest of the riders in the world."
Author: Keene Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"He's the most unselfish guy on this team. His unselfishness, I think, is something that the rest of the team picks up on."
Author: Klimchock Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days."
Author: Bible Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The rest of us would have to remember to hit because we might get caught up in watching the show. There'd be an awful lot of guys on base, that's for sure. The guy hitting behind those two would have 300 RBI opportunities in one season."
Author: Kennedy Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"I have a young team that I'm trying to bring along, not only for this game, but for the rest of the season. We tried to spend a couple of those days on areas we thought we could improve on."
Author: Friedgen Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"I'll take a 2-for-the-rest-of-the-season as long as we win the World Series. I have not swung the bat well in the past and the team has won games. There are times you're going to be a big part of it and times you're not going to be part of it. ... It's just fun to win. I'll be fine."
Author: Bonds Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Australia is basically European and it has made clear to the rest of the world that it is the deputy sheriff for America. Therefore Australia's views would represent not the East, but the views representing the stand of America."
Author: Mohamad Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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