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"Warehouse clubs started the whole revolution in packaging. There are no fancy displays or staff. It's barebones. What the clubs want to be able to do is put (the products) on a fork lift, crack open the box, slice the top off and hang up these perfectly symmetrical clamshells. It protects the package, shows off the products, travels well and protects against thieves."
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"Revolution begins with the self, in the self."
"traitors to the revolution."
"Revolution is engendered by an indignation with tyranny, yet is itself pregnant with tyranny."
"The criminal-defendants' rights revolution has clearly stalled, there has been a fair amount of laissez-faire in antitrust issues and regulatory issues in general and considerable deference to the executive in administrative law."
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"Talking about the values (of the Orange Revolution) is more productive than simply opting for harsh and incomprehensible opposition,"
"There is a increased realization that a green revolution is about to begin, ... This is a real shift in technology."
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"This is a total revolution,"
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"It's not just a piece about the French Revolution, it's about revolution in a much broader sense, and it's about the capacity that human beings have for personal change. The piece is an exultation and an encouragement to those of us who believe the human race can discover its humanity and its capacity for empathy to the point where it may be possible for us at some point to guarantee the basic human rights of the individual (around the world)."
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"I've never made the trip to or from Connecticut without its resembling the worst excesses of the French Revolution."
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"The backseat produced the sexual revolution"
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"[While the Revolution begin the series on the road, they are confident of getting a result - which could then mean they would be at home for the final two games on the way to a possible MLS Cup appearance.] The home-field advantage has been huge the last three years. Against Chicago [in '03] we were well-beaten away; they were the better team and deserved to win, but if we had been at home, maybe the balance could have gone the other way, ... Last year, the crowd was behind D.C. the whole game; we were unlucky not to get through, and the home crowd could have tipped the balance in our favor."
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"The publishers are going to join this revolution, ... They're not going to be able to stop it."
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"As we strive to build Revolution into an iconic brand like Virgin, one that stands for the build-to-last values of a company like Berkshire Hathaway, we need a first-rate communications executive and are delighted to welcome Brad."
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"the eloquent voice of the revolution."
"The Revolution Starts Now"
Author: Earle Quotes Category: Revolution Quotes
"Some of the players are gone, but ... not all of them were stars. If we go back before the revolution, you will see that a lot of the Cuban players were playing in the major leagues. ... We have a large number of players."
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"Technological revolution that we witnessed in the last century has gone so far for our human moral to catch up with."
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"The impact of nanotechnology is expected to exceed the impact that the electronics revolution has had on our lives,"
"There is a kind of revolution going on, on the corporate desktop."
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