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Rules Quotes

367 Rules quotes:

"Either the NCAA changes its rules or our schools would not be allowed to be part of the NCAA,"
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"A good teacher must know the rules; a good pupil, the exceptions."
"We are doing more and more of it. I think the rules necessitate you doing that a little bit more. I think for the kids these days, it's one of the biggest ways they communicate."
Author: McKay Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"I'm not making any rules about it, ... I don't think you really have to. Who knows, maybe I'm retired now! Maybe I'll never work again."
Author: Foster Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"the prerogative of the Senate to set the rules, and we will wait until the time that they have designated to deal with any motions we might file."
Author: Lockhart Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"It's like sticking a campaign sign in your yard, but you can't do that. Sometimes commonsense rules don't apply."
Author: Wise Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"A lot of what was going on was already against the rules. There just wasn't any enforcement."
Author: Boyle Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We are doing more and more of it, ... I think the rules necessitate you doing that a little bit more. I think for the kids these days, it's one of the biggest ways they communicate."
Author: McKay Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"I think certainly he's concerned that he's not going to get the endorsement, but we understood what the rules were from the beginning and we ought to stick to the rules."
Author: Swann Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"We'll try to comply with the rules and if we don't, I'm sure we'll be penalized for it, just like everybody else will."
Author: Belichick Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"This particular year, the at-large positions were really filled automatically by rules all of the conferences and Notre Dame agreed to."
Author: Weiberg Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The idea that we are going to tighten our editorial 'rules' is completely not correct (and) the articles would not be frozen in perpetuity."
Author: Wales Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The rules are different for Microsoft than other companies."
Author: Wilcox Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The league knows that the enforcement of the rules is really going to be judged in the second half of the season and in the playoffs. It will all mean nothing if the standard changes during that time."
Author: Shanahan Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"I think there were a number of other issues concerning compliance with the applicable rules. All of those contain a lot of potential for lessons learned."
Author: Mead Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"By having a rules system in place they avoid that yo-yo."
Author: Mukherji Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"If you don't like their rules, whose would you use?"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"If we have to do it, everybody should follow the rules. I can live without the smoke, even for myself. But I don't want to lose my customers."
Author: Davis Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"It?s well-built, it?s got really good rules and it would last a whole lot longer than a wooden park."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The rules are established by the companies. As we understand it, the requirements for these programs are that you can't have access to prescription drug coverage and still qualify for the program. They can change that. It's up to them; it's not up to us."
Author: Ashkenaz Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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