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586 Sales quotes:

"We effectively managed our distribution channel to closely match our shipments in with distributor sales out. Channel re-sales were seasonally down about 3% during the first quarter but were more than 17% higher than a year ago. We managed our sales into the channel to this level of re-sales, resulting in a slight decrease in absolute inventory levels for approximately flat weeks of supply in the channel compared to the prior quarter."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"While the bourbon category has been sluggish overall, premium whiskeys such as Maker's Mark have enjoyed double-digit sales increases. Maker's Mark is enjoying popularity particularly with the urban sophisticates,"
Author: Shea Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Seniors can be vulnerable to deceptive sales practices in the financial services arena. Sometimes, seniors are specifically targeted by bad actors who try to use scare tactics to sell fraudulent or inappropriate financial products."
Author: Dauphine Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The retail sales figures were really soft, much softer than expected."
Author: LaVorgna Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"What should the tax policy be for the state of Utah in conjunction with sales tax? Sales tax is a state tax and it should be imposed and managed by the state."
Author: Harper Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"I have frozen the state sales tax on gasoline,"
Author: Manchin Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The retail sales numbers we saw should have presumed a rally but we had some selling in Hewlett-Packard and NBC Internet. During the day, people started to realize that retail sales were good news."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"It is inevitable that we will see a 1% or 1.5% decline in retail sales in an upcoming month as consumers become sated with new vehicles. ... This will not be an indication of any particular vulnerability."
Author: Mayland Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Every one lives by selling something."
Author: Stevenson Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Retail sales were down, which isn't a surprise, but they were down more than might have been the case, but January was revised up so you have to average those two months because we had all sorts of weather issues. If you average the two of them we are doing fine. People are still willing to spend."
Author: MacIntosh Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The average reduction in sales (of tobacco) to minors where there is such a license is 80 percent."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The only bright spot left this year could be December, which is typically driven by year-end sales campaigns."
Author: Casesa Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Bond market sentiment is quite bearish at the moment. Retail sales would need to have a clear negative surprise to see Treasuries recover robustly."
Author: Davies Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We'll see a slowdown [in real-estate sales]. I don't think we'll see a collapse. Sales will drop to somewhat lower levels and that will lead to a slowdown of construction of new homes until this backlog inventory can start to be worked off."
Author: McCarthy Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Nationally the uppermost sector of the residential property market has held up relatively well with the 26% fall in sales of £1m properties comparing with a 36% decline in total house sales between the first halves of 2004 and 2005,"
Author: Ellis Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Imagine a 40-to-50 percent sales tax -- that would cheer everybody up,"
Author: McIntyre Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We are disappointed with our own sales and market share results so far this year,"
Author: Wagoner Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We're seeing it already. If you look at Wal-Mart's numbers and strip out the effect of grocery-store sales, there are signs of stress behind the scenes there. What many of us are concluding here is that ... because of what is going on with energy, we will probably see a much softer fourth quarter."
Author: Glassman Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"This was a solid third quarter for Federated, propelled by strong sales and earnings in our department store segment and a level of performance in our direct-to-customer catalog and e-commerce businesses that was in line with what we had anticipated, ... We are entering the fourth quarter with our inventories in good shape, and we remain optimistic that it will be a good retail Christmas season."
Author: Zimmerman Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"These sales declines will result in significant markdowns, which will be booked in the third and fourth quarters,"
Author: Zimmerman Quotes Category: Sales Quotes

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