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"Seniors can be vulnerable to deceptive sales practices in the financial services arena."
Author: Dauphine Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Though a large percentage of shopping has been completed, many sales have not been recorded due to heavy purchasing of gift cards, which are not recorded until merchandise is redeemed. Most consumers will have their shopping completed by Christmas Day, but will head out after Christmas to take advantage of discounted merchandise and spend gift cards."
Author: Rist Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Sales weakened as the month went along. I think we’re heading for a September/October slump as the huge effects of the employee-discount sales wear off, and you get into the payback period."
Author: Healy Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We're off to a booming start and everybody's going to be raising their sales forecasts for the year."
Author: Healy Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"The only thing we can go by is sales and that increases 10 to 12 percent every year."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Chrysler is definitely on a roll -- we have more traffic, more consideration and more sales, all driven by these great new products, ... We're going to grow Chrysler's market share and brand image through elegant designs, inspired engineering and exceptional value."
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"Sales of 16 million now looks a lot less profitable than 16 million did a few years ago,"
Author: Lache Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Perhaps more important, our annual dealer sales of cars and trucks to retail customers has nearly doubled in that period, ... We have been consistently outperforming the industry in sales, and our share of the market has grown substantially."
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"It's unbelievable. Our ticket sales are going like hotcakes."
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"For the year, sales to Dell were $782 million and represented 15 percent of our revenue. This compares to Dell revenue of $570 million in 2004, which was about 11 percent of our total revenue."
Author: Curlander Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Overall, advance ticket sales for Speed Weeks are trending ahead of last year."
Author: Saunders Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Autonomy is getting half of its sales in the U.S., has laid out a solid strategy with original equipment manufacturers, has a solid management team and market opportunity,"
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"Sales look fine, but otherwise the numbers are rather disappointing, also due to higher expenses."
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"Results for Winnebago Industries' fourth quarter were negatively impacted by lower sales volume and a shift in product mix to lower priced motor homes, particularly Class C's, offset in part by lower incentive compensation expenses."
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"Early next week you've got a trade deficit number and retail sales, and those reports could be volatile."
Author: Briggs Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"After the strong October car sales that were reported last week, it wouldn't be out of the question that the Fed would think things are improving."
Author: Rupert Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Sentiment will swing back in favor of a Federal Reserve rate hike in August if June retail sales rebound."
Author: Chandler Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"They were able to clear a lot of their assortments out without having to resort to big sales."
Author: Rein Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Coming on the heels of stronger reports on retail sales and durable-goods orders, as well as a sharp drop in first-time claims for unemployment, this ... drop in consumer confidence was a cold slap in the face to all of those economists, including ourselves, that are looking for a second-half rebound."
Author: Vitner Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"A good ad which is not run never produces sales."

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