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"It's because I am a coward. At school, when there were fights, I'd run away. I have always been scared of physical violence. Perhaps that's the reason. But it also angers me to see gratuitous violence, wrapped up like chewing gum to be consumed. It's irritating; it's cynical."
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"We've increased our budget for tutoring and for summer school. We have also put added emphasis on recruiting the types of student-athletes who can be successful. We are confident that we will see improved APR scores."
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"The school is going from 600 to 800 students capacity,"
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"We were recruiting a player who had a coach from another school using the NFL as a negative about our program, ... The player said to him -- and I'm not making this up -- 'If the coach of your school is so good, why aren't they trying to hire him in the NFL?'"
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"I don't think you can limit these school speech cases any more to the physical domains of the public school property, because in many cases it's quite possible to speak as if you were there from another location."
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"That's just part of how this generation has been raised. You add a $40,000 price tag for a school like Colgate, and you have high expectations for what you get."
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"This was easily the best Drake Relays Fairfield High School has ever had. And I've seen most of them."
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"August gave a little talk before the show about how he dropped out of school, regretted it and spent hours in the library educating himself, ... He talked about developing your intellect, being open to the world and life through books. It was one of the most brilliant speeches I've ever heard on that subject, and it really moved those kids."
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"What we're trying to do is prepare adults and raise the level of our high school skills."
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"We desperately need the space. Our high school, especially, is severely crowded at this point and has been for years. We've known this for a long time."
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"If there's someone who comes on campus who is not in uniform he probably does not belong in this school."
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"It's really sad. Two years in a row - and she worked so hard. She wanted to ski high school so badly, but now she won't have those memories."
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"It's very clear that our school districts need an awakening."
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"I've gone to school and classes since I have been on the fire department for the past five years and finally get a chance to utilize my skills and help other people. I am trying to give back I guess."
"These are children that the regular school system has failed to educate; these for the most part are children that have dropped out, and Survivors has saved them."
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"I think we are talking about Middle School Quest. It has got to be looked at."
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"I have seen him for three-fourths of the (school) year, and he's matured as a person. But he's still a sixth-grade boy that has sixth- grade behaviors. He's very highly motivated and extremely polite."
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"When nearly a third of our high school students do not graduate on time with their peers, we have work to do. We must design our middle and high schools so that no student gets lost in the crowd and disconnected from his or her own potential."

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