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"(Jack Quick) is just amazed at all the changes. Everything was just cornfields, the school and basically a couple homes."
Author: Quick Quotes Category: School Quotes
"You can get out of high school, go and valet park and you can make $50,000 to $60,000 a year. What's the incentive to go to college?"
Author: Restrepo Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Everybody is hyped because we're playing against players we played against in high school."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I didn't really know about the school, but I knew about Coach Harbaugh from his playing days. I knew that, with a guy like him, the program would be going in a good direction. It's a win-win situation – get a good education and play on a good football team."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"She might have been just a little bit frustrated. That's something that this school prides itself on, shutting down the big players."
Author: Wolff Quotes Category: School Quotes
"He's a school teacher in the Knoxville school system and has been for a long time. And even though I didn't live with my dad, and mom says we're just alike, talk alike, walk alike, and we definitely look a lot alike...but he's very, very supportive of what I'm doing. One thing that dad did, even though I wasn't living with him, he helped me pay for college and that was a really cool thing,"
Author: Chesney Quotes Category: School Quotes
"This shows how hard we work. We're a small school with only 1,500 to 1,600 students, so it shows how hard these kids work and what they put into it and what it means to them."
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"I wasn't really aware that I was getting close to (2,000) until I broke the school (scoring) record. I didn't really even know it was an elite club until my coach told me."
Author: Muhlbauer Quotes Category: School Quotes
"That's one of the things that caught our eye watching him in high school,"
Author: Ferentz Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It was probably in high school when I started becoming a 3-point shooter. Believe it or not I used to like to penetrate more."
Author: Humphrey Quotes Category: School Quotes
"We talked about school over the summer in 2004. (We decided) to combine classes."
Author: Caffrey Quotes Category: School Quotes
"When they started school in the fall, they didn't have enough students."
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"She's certainly not a flash in the pan. She was highly recruited out of high school and went on to have a fantastic career at Kansas State, where she was a 12-time All-American."
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"This is simple elementary-school civics. The courts should declare void laws passed in an unconstitutional manner."
Author: Rosenbaum Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It was a wonderful start to the school year. The students were excited to be back, the teachers were excited."
Author: Gallagher Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Dude, that horn has been with him since high school. It made him famous in Coppell and, of course, apparently made him famous (at A&M). His enthusiasm about everything is the high point of his personality."
Author: Krause Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I wish we had passed the school bonds."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: School Quotes
"The study . . . did not find support for a high school at that time."
Author: Gibbs Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It will be designed as an elementary school, whereas (the current academic building) is designed as a middle school-high school."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Greg is a true gentleman and an outstanding student. He enjoys school and the challenges it offers him. He is also one of the hardest working players I have ever coached. With an incredible amount of talent, drive, and a mind that allows him to stay humble and keep working to get better, Greg is a true warrior."
Author: Keefer Quotes Category: School Quotes

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