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"In South Kingstown, we have been able to successfully develop a relationship with the School Committee. That allowed us to work very cooperatively during the budget."
Author: Keiser Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Once someone gave me a picture and I wrote 'Do good in school.' I looked up and the guy was 78 years old."
Author: Stengel Quotes Category: School Quotes
"This says, 'If I really care enough as a high school student, I can assure my entrance to a state university of my choice.' I like that a lot."
Author: Burningham Quotes Category: School Quotes
"If you are going to have an alternative high school, I think it has to be separate from the high school. Otherwise the high school itself sets the tone and it's really not an alternative school."
Author: Greenhill Quotes Category: School Quotes
"There wouldn't even be a question if this school had done this based on the color of their skin. Once the school started accepting tuition money they became a business. Simple as that."
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"The program here is doing great. Our first dual immersion students are going into junior high school next year. When they're younger, they seem to be able to retain information faster and learn both languages simultaneously. My own daughter is in the program and she was speaking fluent Spanish by third grade."
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"It is huge that the district has agreed to redesign this school based on this concept. This did not happen before because there is a huge resource question with this."
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"I won't say ours was a tough school, but we had our own coroner. We used to write essays like: What I'm going to be if I grow up."
"That was one of the best serves I've ever seen in a high school match. Andrew has developed a tremendous serve. ... He just reared back and hit it as hard as he could to the far corner. Nobody came close to getting to it."
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"A lot of us are dealing with other productions, internships and graduate school auditions."
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"I think that the school system out there is much ado about nothing. The system made more out of it than it was. No one held a gun to head of these girls to get them to drink the beer."
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"It's not surprising. A lot of blacks didn't get to go to school. They were kept from being educated. It hasn't been a question of talent, it's been a question of opportunity."
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"We've seen what's happened in other towns like Oxford [where school construction costs keep growing beyond the budget]. We don't want to be like that,"
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"There had not been an L.A. high school that had won the festival in years. It was always Beverly Hills. The city of Los Angeles brought me and all of my students down to City Hall and honored us. It turned things around, and it started to be the cool thing to be in drama, especially since the football team hadn't won anything."
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"The patter of their feet as they walk through Jim Crow barriers to attend school is the thunder of the marching men of Joshua, and the world rocks beneath their tread. [on the children of Little Rock]"
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"I've never seen this before. I've been representing school districts since 1973, and I haven't seen anything like it."
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"We practiced our free throws for an hour and a half after school. I guess it helped."
Author: Thompson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"My practices are a lot harder than a game, so they're probably loving it. And they get out of school early, so they're probably loving that, too."
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"The school district and Ministerium will begin the service with a welcome. Then (the Rev.) Alex Perednia will read scripture verses and give a eulogy."
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"We are trying to figure out if that means districts. We want to make sure we are releasing to school districts information allowed by state law."
Author: Ackley Quotes Category: School Quotes

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