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71 Secrets quotes:

"A man can keep a secret better than his own. A woman her own better than others."
"What is told into the ear of a man is often heard a hundred miles away."
"Between husband and wife there should be no secrets from one another. I have a very high opinion of the marriage tie. I hold that husband and wife merge in each other. They are one in two or two in one."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"(It was) the fact that he had to keep secrets -- and I became a secret-keeper, ... You can't really marginalize or ghettoize a whole sector of the population, because it forces people into a life of shame. That, of course, trickles down."
Author: Bray Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"We don't have a lot of secrets left, so everybody's got to step up. I think we have enough weapons that they can't key on one kid to shut us down. It's pretty much my best athletes against your best athletes."
Author: Haley Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"We don't want to keep secrets anymore."
"Women's propensity to share confidences is universal. We confirm our reality by sharing."
Author: Harrison Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Secrecy is best taught by starting with ourselves."
Author: Chamfort Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"The first step towards vice is to shroud innocent actions in mystery, and whoever likes to conceal something sooner or later has reason to conceal it."
Author: Rousseau Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Everyone wants to know, what's your secret? Nothing! No secrets. I'll tell you what's in my chili."
Author: Hughes Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Confidante. One entrusted by A with the secrets of B confided to herself by C."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"CONFIDANT, CONFIDANTE, n. One entrusted by A with the secrets of B, confided by ""him"" to C."
Author: Bierce Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"To know that one has a secret is to know half the secret itself."
Author: Beecher Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Our true history is scarcely ever deciphered by others. The chief part of the drama is a monologue, or rather an intimate debate between God, our conscience, and ourselves. Tears, grieves, depressions, disappointments, irritations, good and evil thoughts, decisions, uncertainties, deliberations --all these belong to our secret, and are almost all incommunicable and intransmissible, even when we try to speak of them, and even when we write them down."
Author: Amiel Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"will not tolerate the theft of our secrets."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"The dead keep their secrets, and in a while we shall be as wise as they - and as taciturn"
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights."
"We don't want to give all of their trade secrets away. (But) they are able to pick out the ads."
Author: Urbas Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"This way, both spouses are kept in the loop, and there are no secrets. There's no blame, no shame. It's taking your financial pulse: Did we meet our goals? What can be done better? You don't want to beat each other up--you want to make the finances work better."
Author: Garrett Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"From infancy on, we are all spies; the shame is not this but that the secrets to be discovered are so paltry and few."

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