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"All the officers, soldiers and security personnel are asked not to abide by these decisions and to consider them null and void."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Only the arrival of NATO forces can ensure security of all citizens (in Kosovo) and create conditions for a peaceful solution of the crisis."
Author: Rugova Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I'm sure when President Bush arrives there, there will be very special extra security measures because if any place is going to have an attack on the president, it is going to be Pakistan."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I have no problem with the security. ... It's something that must be done for the times in which we live, ... Safety first."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I am deeply concerned about the whole process. I have a message to convey from the Security Council to the Iraqis. I hope that they will commit themselves to the past cooperation with U.N. inspection teams."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"The accession process is a tool for enhancing security and stability in that region which has suffered so many wars and ethnic conflicts in the last decade,"
Author: Rehn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal. And if there were, it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day every day, sleeping its life away."
Author: Bradbury Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Any network traffic that is going to pose a security problem is just blocked. It's just as if the network traffic is purified before it passes on to our networks -- attacks are blocked and prevented from spreading. We just get the reports about how much. It's simple and effective, but we don't trust anything to be foolproof."
Author: Cross Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We investigated this report. He was able to exploit a known security flaw that we were able to patch. The patch had not yet applied to the server."
Author: Sohn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"They choose the tax cuts over extending the solvency of Social Security and Medicare,"
Author: Gephardt Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I've checked with every one of my security guys and no one saw him arguing with anyone."
Author: Ramirez Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We've spent barely $700 million in federal grants to U.S. ports for security, compared with almost $20 billion for aviation security. And most important, we are doing an abysmal job in assisting ports in the developing world in improving security to even minimal acceptable standards."
Author: Petersen Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"I could have been in a position to report to the (U.N.) Security Council the end or very near end of the missile and chemical weapons files."
Author: Butler Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"There's nothing in this bill that invades the Social Security trust fund,"
Author: Archer Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"India cannot afford to turn a blind eye to security implications of such proliferation activities."
Author: Singh Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We had more threats against Sen. Thurmond than any other official that we provided security for, and I would think that would be because of his long years of service and the many issues he dealt with."
Author: Stewart Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"There is still torture in Jordan, especially with regard to security suspects. All the good reasons that prevented the U.K. from deporting people to Jordan before August 10 remain unchanged by this agreement."
Author: Stork Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"They are welcome to send their delegation but we have prepared a security plan for the Indian team which is already much more effective than what they are asking for."
Author: Zaidi Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"In just a few days, he met with the secretary of Homeland Security, the chief of staff to the White House and the most influential congressional members on this particular issue. He continued pushing the agenda and leading on this very critical issue."
"The most important message is our readiness, our full readiness to work for the internal security, ... We have deployed forces and we have taken a final decision on uniting the security apparatus, and we will continue applying this decision."
Author: Abbas Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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