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"It's a comparison of how a subjective, self-selected group view themselves in isolation."
Author: Bowman Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"He's been well coached having Roy Williams and Bill Self. They put him in position where he understands how to do things. But again, coming in here with some pretty good players and being able to hold his own like he has, it's pretty impressive. He's not backed off. He's been tough. He's shown leadership."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"He's self-aware, he's a lot more confident,"
Author: Gervais Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Other treatments have been deemed safer and more effective than a psychoactive burning carcinogen self-induced through one's throat,"
Author: McCaffrey Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"It's only when we free ourselves of those self-imposed boundaries, when we listen to our hearts and give wing to our natural curiosity, that we can truly see and tap the breadth of opportunity available to us."
Author: Vanderhoef Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"All these (seekers) are indeed noble, but I regard the wise as My very Self, because the one who is steadfast becomes one with the Supreme Being."
Author: Gita Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"He was back to his old self,"
Author: Dunn Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"It's a good idea to self-disclose as much as you can in advance and to share things they need to know about you. That is an explicit invitation for them to manage up."
Author: Phillips Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"For the second week in a row we just were on a torrid pace to self-destruct in the first quarter."
Author: Carroll Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"This year's team is self-motivated. I think there's enough guys on this team that are self-motivated to get those that are not, motivated."
Author: Lewis Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"The whole thing is really quite pathetic. Here we have two self-obsessed schoolboys who spend all their time thinking about themselves and their future and not the future of the country."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Note to self: Pasty-skinned programmers ought not stand in the Mojave desert for multiple hours."
Author: Carmack Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Whenever I saw her, whether it was holding court backstage or pumping gas at a Broad Street self-serve, she always rushed forward with a torrent of warm words, a wry smile and an all-embracing hug. Her talent and her humanity are irreplaceable."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"He works very, very hard - he's determined, very focused and has huge self-esteem,"
Author: Sheridan Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one's self"
Author: Gay Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"It's completely self-sterilizing. We've made it through the first couple of rounds."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"I don't think there's any question, ... that we need Jermaine to be his old self."
Author: Beane Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Sometimes these things are put out for self-serving reasons. But these short sellers want to cut their losses."
Author: Selkin Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"I didn't write a book. It wasn't for self-enrichment."
"It seems that it is madder never to abandon one's self than often to be infatuated; better to be wounded, a captive and a slave, than always to walk in armor"
Author: Fuller Quotes Category: Self Quotes

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