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Smiles Quotes

218 Smiles quotes:

"Something of a person's character may be observed by how they smile. Some never smile they only grin."
"Sometimes just a smile on our face can help to make this world a better place. Stand up for the things that are right. Try to talk things out instead of fight. Lend a hand when you can, get involved this is good. You can help to make a difference in your neighborhood."
Author: Alan Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."
Author: Hanh Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"That delicate forest flower, With scented breath and look so like a smile, Seems, as it issues from the shapeless mould, An emanation of the indwelling Life, A visible token of the upholding Love, That are the soul of this great universe."
"That put a smile on our coaches' faces."
Author: Bluder Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The fact you are No. 1, it just puts a smile on your face,"
Author: Sharapova Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The gardener Adam and his wife/ Smile at the claims of long descent."
Author: Tennyson Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The heavens continue to smile on Eliot Spitzer."
Author: Sheinkopf Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"the looks on the kids' faces when they played on monkey bars for the first time, or of the village elder as he tried the swing n he had a smile that will linger with me forever. It was a small thing for the people who had never had one, it meant something."
Author: Cooney Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The most guileful amongst the reporters are those who appear friendly and smile and seem to be supportive. They are the ones who will seek to gut you on every occasion."
Author: Koch Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The Muppets bring a wink and a smile to it. It's pizza after all - it's not something that serious. It's about fun and enjoyment."
Author: James Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The point here is basic motor skills, seeing a smile on their faces and making sure they finish the job."
Author: Nelson Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The rain may be falling hard outside, But your smile makes it all alright. I'm so gland that you're my friend. I know our friendship will never end."
Author: Alan Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps- does anybody know where it was borne? Yes, there is a rumor that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born . . . ."
Author: Tagore Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"The thing about Rick was everything he did, he did well and with a smile."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"There are many kinds of smiles, each having a distinct character. Some announce goodness and sweetness, others betray sarcasm, bitterness and pride; some soften the countenance by their languishing tenderness, others brighten by their spiritual vivacity."
Author: Lavater Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"There is no point to samba if it doesn't make you smile."
"There was a big smile on his face. He wasn't hurting."
Author: Torre Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"There's days you smile and days you frown."
Author: Wagoner Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes

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