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"The windows of my soul are made of one-way glass, don't bother looking into my eyes if there's something you want to know, just ask"
Author: Difranco Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"From the looks not the lips the soul speaks."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three."
Author: Unknown Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"I know that the soul is aidedSometimes by the heart's unrest,And to grow means often to suffer --But whatever is--is best."
Author: Wilcox Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"The finest souls are those that have the most variety and suppleness"
Author: Montaigne Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"The price of empire is America's soul, and that price is too high."
Author: Fulbright Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"An empty book is like an infant's soul, in which anything may be written. It is capable of all things, but containeth nothing. I have a mind to fill this with profitable wonders."
"Speech is the mirror of the soul."
"Youth is the period in which a man can be hopeless. The end of every episode is the end of the world. But the power of hoping through everything, the knowledge that the soul survives its adventures, that great inspiration comes to the middle-aged."
"The breaking wave and the muscle as it contracts obey the same law. Delicate line gathers the body's total strength in a bold balance. Shall my soul meet so severe a curve, journeying on its way to form?"
Author: Hammarskjold Quotes Category: Soul Quotes Swedish Diplomat Quotes
"And every soul shall come, with it a driver and a witness."
Author: quran Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"Every single soul is a poem."

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