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Struggle Quotes

191 Struggle quotes:

"We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities."
"Need and struggle are what excite and inspire us."
Author: James Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"reaching the end of a long and heroic struggle."
Author: Mandela Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"And we are here as on a darkling plain Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, Where ignorant armies clash by night"
Author: Arnold Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"A patriot's blood, Well spent in such a strife, may earn indeed, And for a time ensure to his loved land, The sweets of liberty and equal laws; But martyrs struggle for a brighter prize, And win it with more pain. Their blood is shed In confirmation of the noblest claim -- Our claim to feed upon immortal truth, To walk with God, to be divinely free, To soar, and to anticipate the skies. Yet few remember them."
"Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought."
"a revenue-neutral proposal has an uphill struggle."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"Things are not going well at the moment. It's been a real struggle."
Author: Fanelli Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I'm hoping. I've tried to carry myself that way because the struggle was much more than just breaking the color barrier in baseball. It was everything."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"You bet it was a struggle."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"Offensively, it's a struggle to get any kind of continuity. We're not nearly where we need to be offensively, to say the least."
Author: Fulmer Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I struggle with the fact that our program isn't what it once was. But there is something, or someone, who gives me a ray of hope that we have the player we need to build around and get back there."
Author: Ehlen Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"We plan on doing whatever we need to do to move forward. But it's been a struggle."
Author: Hernandez Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"If I thought that any of this was pre ordained, then it takes away any kind of incentive to struggle, or to put up with things, to reach for those impossible dreams, all those dramatic things."
"Sentiment has turned a bit more bearish, so we're likely to see indexes struggle."
Author: Fujito Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"From then on, it was a bit of a struggle."
"When Mike's out of the game, we really struggle offensively. We need him on floor."
Author: Adelman Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"DEA will continue to work with the Bolivian authorities to fight this struggle against the illegal drug trade, and the elected leader of Bolivia is the elected leader Bolivia."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"It's been a constant struggle. We started so bad. We were shut out so many times. We got beaten up early. You see this team in the World Series and say, 'How did it happen?' But here we are."
Author: Lamb Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"We don't look at it as struggle. We look at it as a victory. We won the West. That was our first job. The next goal is to win the next one."
Author: Sweeney Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes

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