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"Where the touch of the lover ends And the soul of the friend begins There's a need to be separate and a need to be one And a struggle neither wins."
Author: Browne Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"The point about it is that if you're pointed toward some kind of goodness, some kind of light, something positive, you find your way through these trials and tribulations, ... I've basically dedicated my whole lyrical life to people's ability to cope with the struggle because I do believe there is a struggle. And I don't mean it in a negative sense. I just mean it in a realistic sense. Nothing is greater than staying right on the positive, but sometimes life can have a way of just pulling you back and dragging you a bit."
"Somehow a struggle ensued. We don't know if it is gang-related. We're still trying to establish what the two victims were doing there and why this whole thing occurred."
Author: Garcia Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I didn?t struggle to make bogeys or par even. They were just all tap-ins. It?s just one of those rounds."
Author: Curtis Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I got off to probably one of the best starts you could get, then hit it in the water and just stalled from there. I made a good up-and-down [wedge to 5 feet], and then just nothing happened after that. I didn't struggle to make pars, and if I would have got a couple clubs correctly, I could have it close, but I didn't."
Author: Curtis Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"You are born to your position, ... What do you know of struggle, of triumph?"
Author: Abe Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes Triumph Quotes
"second struggle for independence"
Author: Suu Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"Rocco always knew what he wanted from the start, ... Sure, it's hard to watch him struggle, but I don't worry about him because he's going to do it. I have that much faith in him."
Author: Mediate Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"What we have learned from that struggle is the importance of freedom, the importance of mobilization, the importance of justice, equality, and so on."
"Nothing is given to man on earth - struggle is built into the nature of life, and conflict is possible - the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen."
"I don’t feel rejected by the sky. I’m a part of it- tiny, to be sure, but everything is tiny compared to that overwhelming immensity."

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