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101 Swiss Author quotes:

"The evolution of humans can not only be seen as the grand total of their wars; it is also defined by the evolution of the human mind and the development of the human consciousness."
"The freedom of each individual can only be the freedom of all."
"The only remedy against hunger is reasonable birth control."
"The problems of all of humanity can only be solved by all of humanity."
"The rightful claim to dissent is an existential right of the individual."
"The world is bad but not without hope. It is only hopeless when you look at it from an ideal viewpoint."
"The worst possible turn can not be programmed. It is caused by coincidence."
"There are risks which are not acceptable: the destruction of humanity is one of them."
"There are thoughts we must not think."
"There is a moment when nothing can be wiped out and left behind any more, when there is only reality and reality is horrifying."
"This inhuman world has to become more humane. But how?"
"Today's difference between Russia and the United States is that in Russia everybody takes everybody else for a spy, and in the United States everybody takes everybody else for a criminal."
"Truth is always a delusion."
"We are the world."
"Who sows fear, reaps weapons."
"Whoever is content with the world, and who profits from its lack of justice, does not want to change it."
"World history is tragic."
"You can't take back an act you were able to think."
"A World is not an ideology nor a scientific institution, nor is it even a system of ideologies; rather, it is a structure of unconscious relations and symbiotic processes."
"Catastrophes are often stimulated by the failure to feel the emergence of a domain, and so what cannot be felt in the imagination is experienced as embodied sensation in the catastrophe."

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